Does BlueHost Offer SSH?

bluehost-milestone (1)There are plenty of web hosting companies out there that provide technical support for SSH. One of them is BlueHost. SSH connection is necessary if you want to log in to your web server privately. It enables you to input confidential information without the fear of security breach. It also lets you have a secure file transfer on the Web. SSH encrypts your data so that no information is at risk of being accessed by unauthorized individuals like hackers, spammers, identity thieves, and the like.

SSH Defined

Secure Shell or SSG is a cryptographic (encrypted) program that’s used for securing command execution and file transfer. It authenticates files and secures interaction from one device to another. On top of that, SSH protects a server from various attacks on the Web. So when you’re logging in using SSH, trust that all data being entered on your account are completely encrypted. This means that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to access any of your private data, much more your password.

SSH gives users complete control over their accounts and servers. But since not all web hosting providers give quality performance, only those with premium services are afforded with complete support as these hosts are strong enough to ensure security and excellent server function.


There are different versions of SSH. The major versions are SSH1 and SSH2. BlueHost requires their clients to use the SSH2 protocol as it provides the latest in security and protection.

The Benefits of SSH

As an encryption program, SSH comes with a lot of benefits for website owners. Here are some of them:

  • Provides encryption for file transfer
  • Prevents attackers from having access to your customers’ personal information and password
  • Allows users to install various applications, manage their logs, and control databases
  • Can be used to interconnect with other network protocols
  • Allows customers to have full administrative control on their account
  • Enables customers to install or uninstall different applications

How to Facilitate SSH Access on BlueHost

With BlueHost, SSH is not automatically enabled in your account. If you wish to enable this feature, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the BlueHost team by phone, live chat, or email and provide them with your hosting details so they can verify your account. Once you have provided them with the necessary details, your account will be verified within an hour. From there, you will have SSH access on your account.
  1. Log in to your BlueHost cPanel.
  1. Locate the Security option and select the SSH/Shell Access



  1. Click on the Manage SSH Access button and choose SSH access enabled from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click the Submit

How to Access Files Using SSH on BlueHost

In order to have access to SSH on your BlueHost account, you will be required to download a free application called PuTTy, from

PuTTy enables users to link remote systems with each other with the use of SSH and other means. So to be able to access your files on your hosting account, you need to do the following:

  • Download PuTTy and install it in your PC.
  • After installation, open PuTTy and fill the host name.
  • Under SSH, you will see LSH. Choose the private key that was also downloaded with the program.
  • Select Choose the Data option.
  • Enter your account username as necessary when logging in.
  • After logging in, proceed to the Session section and provide an appropriate name in order to update its settings.
  • Click the updated settings.
  • Select Load and open it. To finish, enter your password.

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