What should I do after registering my domain name?

At this point in time you might have already registered your domain name to a hosting company. What’s next after registration? You just have completed the first stage of the entire process of setting up your website. You may now have to get to the bottom of website publishing.
Publishing website to some might be difficult to do while for some especially those that have prior knowledge about programming or webpage building it is very easy. We may have different experiences in setting up website but undeniably we get excited to get our site launched over the World Wide Web. Upon completion of domain name registration you are halfway to seeing your website online.

After getting domain name and purchasing hosting account here are the things you can do next?

  •  Log in to your account and you may want to edit your account details.
  •  You may want to also edit renewal details. Hosting sites usually feature automatic renewal so that means when the time comes when it’s already expired, you will then be automatically renewed. This is important because you might decide eventually to shift to other hosting company and you don’t want to stay any longer with that hosting site.
  •  Then you want to go setting up your hosting account.
  •  Setting up your account requires you to type in your domain name.
  •  You will then be asked to register your FTP username
  •  You will then be asked to register your password and confirm it. Your password and username you used when you signed up to the site might be different to the password you can use to set up your hosting account.
  •  After that your set up is complete. You just have to wait few minutes so that you can actually publish your webpage.

After setting up your hosting account you can now actually present to the world your content be it through video, text, newspaper, photo or audio or podcasts. The next thing you want to explore is web publishing. Web publishing is essential if you want your website to become customer-friendly. Generally webpage are static and people might find it uninteresting in the long run. Now that you have registered your domain name, you may want to get busy making your web page even prettier so that it would entice customers. Here, you can do a lot of things and this is the exciting part of coming up a website. With web publishing, you can manipulate your webpage and send in your ideas to make it fit to your preferences. What you have to understand is that Web publishing allows you to change your web page more frequently in order to survive the competition. In business there is this principle that applies to all platforms: Failure to innovate leads to failure of your business. This is the guiding principle that must be followed even by online businesses. Here’s the catch there is big difference with web designing and web publishing in terms of how easy they can be.
Web publishing allows you to put your content to a content management system. As you go on running your website you will learn that you can actually make a big difference in the web page without the need to have technical knowledge or without the need to be technical savvy.
How does web publishing work? Unlike web designing where you have to code out everything with web publishing everything you need is provided so you don’t have to really make commands in order to make changes in your webpage. Here are the features of web publishing:

  •  Content management system takes care of the aesthetic requirements for your website.
  •  What you need to do is just tell the content management system how you want all the information uploaded to a database be published.
  •  The content management system writes all the code for you that allows your site to be dynamic.
  •  Not only can you update your site but also those visiting your site. For example is that with content management system they can leave comments to your site anytime. They can also post article or photos to your site.

When you already registered your domain name there is a bunch of activities you can do to your site. Most business owners think that when they already have the domain name registered that’s all they are capable of doing. They don’t want to devote much time to developing their site. But with the help of applications such as content management system they can become their own website designer without coding out everything. This is just one of the many things you can do after domain name registration. As you go along another level of activities will start to unfold that will engage you personally in running your site.

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