Why Do You Need Web Hosting & Domain Name?

How is web hosting related to domain names?

Web hosting is an internet hosting where a user, in substance leases a right to access the server and be claimed for the services provided by his host or provider. There are several web hosting providers that will give you different services and features according to the extent of your needs. One thing about web hosting is that it is cheaper over other hosting types and more available in the web.
Domain names are closely related to your web site names. But the case depends on the domain name that you have purchased. There are domain name that do not tally with the web site names. This will constitute to loss of sale. The availability of domain names depends on the users. If your competitor has been using the domain name already, might as well look for one that is totally diverse with what he has.
When you purchased a domain name, you have to take into account how linked it is to your web site name. Visitor sometimes ought to guess your domain name with something close to your web site name. This is something crucial as when they enter a wrong domain name, they are directed to other sites, worst case is when they are directed to your competitor. Remember, it is only your competitor who will take into their memory your rare domain name.

Tips in choosing a good domain name

It pays to have a good domain name second to having good web site content. A popular one tends to drive traffic to your site even with simple advertising on hand.

  1.  Take time to think of top keywords. Make sure they match your web site name, your offers and your business model. Search engines tend to trace the keywords which are common to the visitors. Like when you are in the accounting services business, try to highlight bookkeeping or payroll.
  2.  Uniqueness. Make it rare against the common ones. Keep away most especially form your competitors. Confusion is common to visitors. It’s okay if they’ll be confused on your favor, what if not?
  3.  .com. why? That is the most common. Typical visitors will not take time to memorize tour domain name. They usually get the first word then add .com in the end. If you’re not using that, you’re losing potential customers.
  4.  Easy and short. Do not use domain names which are like tongue twisters. People have hard time to spell that out. They might just find it annoying to retype over and over again. Make it short. Who would want to type long domain names?
  5.  Catchy. That easy to remember names so that your visitors will not have to rethink and recall for it. Simplicity is the bottom line.
  6.  Realize your promises. Next to having a good domain name is having a good content of your site. Everything you put in your domain name should be visualized in your site. Do not put the name amazing if you know your services are substandard. Do not put payroll accounting if you only have bookkeeping services.
  7.  Avoid copyright issues. Make sure it is yours and yours alone. Do not get into lawsuits by copying someone else’s name. It is more expensive to get you out of it than buying multiple domain names.
  8.  Branding. It is a marketing tool that will help promote your web site. It pays to have a good brand name. What makes a firm better sometimes lie on the name they have more than others.
  9.  Say no to hyphens and numbers. Stick with the words. Search engines can’t find domain names with hyphens if the visitor forgot to put one. They can redirected to other sites using that domain name. Numbers are just the same. It’s hard to memorize sets of numbers unless they have a meaning.
  10.  Don’t go with the trends. The trend is common. Classic sometime go a mile ahead. Something like top 10 best games is so ordinary. Make it different.

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