Do I need WHOIS privacy?

Whois is an internet database where information on domain names is stored and can be located when searched. The information is readily available when the domain name is registered, and such data includes the name servers associated with the domain name, the registrant, the domain registrar, and the domain’s Technical and Administrative contacts.
Through the Whois search, anyone can find out when and by whom a certain domain name is registered, when the domain will expire, where the website is hosted, the owner of the domain name’s contact information, and more.

What is the purpose of Whois?

  •  It is used as storage for domain name information and other data associated with domains.
  •  It is a tool that is used to search domain names and domain information in the Whois databases.
  •  It is generally used to check the ownership of certain domain name and its availability.

Two Types of Whois Lookups
Whois information or data can be stored and looked up according to either a thin or thick data model.

  •  Thin Whois data model – a thin Whois server stores only the Whois server name of the registrar of the domain which then, in turn has the full or complete details on the information being searched or looked up (for example, the .com Whois server, which refer the Whois query or look up to the registrar where the domain was registered).
  •  Thick Whois data model – a thick Whois server stores the full or complete data or information from all the registrars for the particular set of information (so that a single Whois server can respond with Whois data on all .org domains, for example). The thick Whois server usually ensures consistent and complete data, and also slightly faster queries or look up since only a single Whois server will be contacted. For example, if a registrar goes out of business, a thick Whois registry contains all important details or information (if the registrant entered or provided correct data and privacy features or services were not used to obscure the data) and the registration data can be retained or restored. However, with thin Whois registry, this would be difficult, since the contact details or the personal information might not be available or provided, so the rightful registrant could not possibly retain control of the domain.

What is Whois Privacy?

As part of a policy made and established by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization is responsible for the coordination of the world’s domain system, every time someone registers a domain name, he or she must be able to provide up-to-date or his or her latest contact information, like full name, address, email address and phone number. These data are all readily searchable via Whois Lookup by anyone who has internet connection, including spammers, identity thieves, marketers, etc.
Whois Privacy helps you protect your personal information or your privacy by through the provision of a domain name privacy registration service. Instead of your personal details or contact information displayed on public whois searches or the whois lookup, unique or different whois privacy contact details will be displayed or seen.

Why is Whois Privacy Important?

 Whois Privacy helps you protect your privacy and your identity.

  •  It is a known fact that web browsers and other internet users, almost always, do not want their personal details to be made publicly available online. This information might go to the wrong hands, and it might cause trouble to the owner. Through Whois Privacy, one’s personal details or contact information and data are being protected.

 Whois Privacy enables you to block spams.

  •  Having your phone number and email address available publicly, makes you an easy prey or target for junk mail, telemarketers, and spams. Having a domain with Whois Privacy, you can be spared from having an inbox with an influx of unsolicited mails, and a voicemail box that’s full to bursting.

 Whois Privacy helps you avoid unwanted offers.

  •  With your contact details and other information made available to public, it makes it easy for anyone who has internet access to offer deals or maybe offers to buy your website or your domain. This may be an advantage as well as a disadvantage, since you can profit but you can also be scammed or deceived. But it is greatly necessary that you are able to make your personal contact details publicly available or not.

Do I Need Whois Privacy?

Being a webmaster or a domain owner, your complete personal contact details and information are needed. It is indeed an advantage for you to make it public in order for potential clients or customers to contact you readily. However, with your personal data publicly available, others who have bad intent (e.g. spammers and identity thieves) might also have access to it and it would be annoying and frustrating to receive spam and other unwanted and unsolicited offers. A Whois Privacy would be necessary and would be useful to keep you from such trouble.

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