How much should my domain name cost?

How to survive in the world of technology is something that must be learned by business owners, bloggers writers and other online users. You may be having invested intensive resources over the internet for setting up your own website but that’s not the be-all and end-all of online marketing. There are so many things you need to know. The first thing that is fundamental to your survival is creating a catchy and right domain name that would reflect your business. Domain name serves as the backbone of any company so it pays if you choose the right one that would enable you to be on top of others in terms of visibility.
Previously there are only few top-level domain names such as .com,.edu, .gov but now there are a lot of top-level domain names becoming available. Most companies lock in their business with all these domain names to generate revenues. While it is good to note that they are putting much attention to domain names and while they consider the power of good domain names with top-level extension, getting all these extensions is very expensive. This is big concern among businesses. They want to get the .com, .org, .net and all that has high-grade of visibility extensions. That is why they run hundreds of domain names for a particular business. Actually these businesses owners are very paranoid of protecting their products and services. Having the most number of domain names means lesser possibility that your website address will be taken by others.
Big companies can buy any domain names they can but eventually they stop managing all these domain names. But on the other hand, there seems to be no practical advantage or benefits in having many domain names. Getting hundreds of domain names has no value yet you are just putting the bulk of resources to something that in the long run would not be managed very carefully. Really, having many domain names is a natural resort for businesses. It becomes a protective mechanism for their business but one important thing in online business is that the best way to protect your business against competitors is to continue to improve your marketing strategy. What are many domains for when you can pick up one and develop it along the way?
As far as the domain name registration or getting the right domain name is concerned you might have an idea of how is it done. Now, you may want to know how it would cost you having a domain name.
How to find a cost-effective domain name? When you have found the great name that you want and the next thing to do is to register it. But before registering you want to make sure that you got the best deal for your business. There are a lot of hosting companies today to choose from. There are several ways to look for cheap domain but here’s the best way on how you can find cost-effective domain names over the World Wide Web.

  •  Go to Google
  •  Type in ‘cheap domain name’
  •  It will show you the advertisements of hosting companies selling domain names.
  •  The details shown to you in the search results are coming from a particular country where you are located. If you want to find out more about the companies outside the place or country you’re in search them so that you can compare their rates.

 When you have found one click that ad and then it will take you over to the site. There you will find out more about the deals.

  • Here are the top 5 companies that offer cost-effective domain name registration:
  •  Go Daddy – it offers $2.49 for domain name with .com extension
  •  Network solution – it offers $1.50 for domain names with .com extension
  • – it offers $5 for domain name registration with .com extension
  • – offers $9.99 .com price
  •  Yahoo – $2.75 .com price

Most web hosting companies give out domain names for free as part of the hosting package. This means you will not be paying separately for the domain name registration but all you have to do is to seek server space rent service from them.
You don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive deal for domain name. There are already many options for you. Remember, getting your domain name is just part and parcel of the entire process of putting up a web. You don’t have to waste large amount in getting one. When putting up a web page you should not look separately for the price of the domain name to decide what type of hosting service you want or what web hosting company you want to deal with. You have to check on the entire service the company offers if it fits your business needs.

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