What is ICANN?

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The main objective of the organization is to coordinate with numerous internet companies to establish maintenance, security and high-class operations. It works to integrate the companies’ mission in providing for the best services to the consumers, to stabilize the competition, to achieve the goals of the internet community across the globe and to incorporate best policies to elevate the processes and the quality used by the companies.

What are their missions?

Their main goal is to enhance the internet community to better serve and provide for the consumers. It is rounded on the quality of the services that are prevented from being compromised. Their established guidelines are based on the following:

  •  They should be possible for roll-out and working effectively.
  •  Created through a neutral, balanced and known by the members and are on time and efficient.

ICANN has their own set of documents that set and define the responsibilities and limitations of the group in conducting their work. These are:

  •  Board Code of Conduct. This outlines the standards of the members as professionals. It serves as their distinguishing mark over others to protect their profession. It is a view to the public that they are competent, independent and adheres to the ethics of their profession.
  •  Board Conflicts of Interest Policy. These are the policies to guarantee the public that the decisions made by the group are not self-benefiting. It is for the benefit of the internet community and they put that first over themselves.
  •  Board Governance Guidelines. These are the definitions of their practices.
  •  Board Meeting Minutes and Resolutions. All of their resolutions are documented and complied for the view of the public and to facilitate transparency.
  •  Board Statement of Interest. To further validate the self-conflict interest policy, the members have their sworn statements compiled.
  •  Bylaws. These elaborate the responsibilities and limitations of the members in the practice of their work.

Responsibilities of ICANN
In the physical community that we have, we have our own set of government which help formulate the laws and regulations, endure that these are properly complied with by the public, initiate projects for the betterment of the community and runs the government as a body representation of the state. They have different responsibilities set that they have to follow and strictly do with accountability, transparency and commitment to the public. An emerging community, having a variety of users coming from different races, ages and social status is the virtual – the internet world. Likewise, to ensure that the job done by the people of this virtual world, there should be a group whom users will look up to and rely on for the security and performance of their internet life. These policies and responsibilities should be done in accordance with their ethics and departure from the same constitutes a valid negative feedback against them. The outlines of their responsibilities are:

  •  Security and stability. This is the main goal of the group- to provide reasonable assurance that the internet system is operating efficiently with enough security.
  •  Transparency. It is the guarantee given to the public that the processes and procedures adopted by the group is faithfully represented. The group believes that they can be the prime mover in effecting transparency, efficiency and appropriateness of the job to be done by the companies involved. They are aimed to improve the technicalities of the internet DNS and finance-generation for the ICANN services.
  •  Accountability. They believe that accountability schemes should be improved in all matters as it is the avenue for judgment of the public as to the extent of their accomplishment of their missions. There should be an increased accountability integrated within an organization to better respond to the needs of the internet community.
  •  Root Server Security and Relationships. ICANN aims to establish and strengthen the relationships they have with the root server providers to work with them in maintaining the level of security and efficiency of the operations through the guidance of these root server experts. They are up to preparation of contingent plans, improve processes where improvement is deemed necessary and to form partnerships with these root server specialists.
  •  TLD Management. ICANN shall be the regulating body in the normalization of competition within the community, put high regard to the interest of the consumers, and incorporate in the decisions the status of internet DNS issues.
  •  Corporate responsibility. In line with assurance of proper governance is the adoption of the corporate responsibilities of the group. Their goal is revolving around excellence in achieving the missions of the group and maintains the quality of their performance. They lead in administering the importance of education to the new members and promoting sharing of information for the effectiveness of the internet community and incorporate the soundest practices in the industry.

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