What is InterNIC?

InterNIC simply stands for Internet Network Information Center. It was the internet governing body that is responsible primarily for the allocation of domain names and X.500 (a series of computer networking standards covering electronic directory services) directory services. From its establishment in the year 1972 until 1991, it was managed by the Stanford Research Institute (which is now known as the SRI International), and headed by Jake Feinler. After which, Network Solutions assume the responsibility of running InterNIC from 1991 until 1998. Thereafter, it is run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers or ICANN.
Currently, the InterNIC is an informational website that provides the public details and information about domain name registration.

What does InterNIC do?

InterNIC is a registered service mark of the United States Department of Commerce but unfortunately, it become inoperative. It began as a collaborative project of Network Solutions, Inc., and AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) supported by the National Science Foundation. It was an organization responsible for the registration and the maintenance of com, net and org top-level domain names in the World Wide Web.

InterNICwhen it was still under NSI and AT&T, offered the following services:

  •  Registration Services – domain names and IP (Internet Protocol) address assignment managed by Network Solutions, Inc. or NSI.
  •  InterNIC Directory and Database Services – an online white pages directory and a directory of databases that are publicly available and accessible managed by the American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (AT&T).
  •  Support Services – outreach, information and education services managed by NSI
  •  Net Scout Services – managed by NSI, it is an online publication that summarizes the current or recent events and happenings of interest by web browsers or internet users.

ICANN, or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit global organization has been designated to conduct the registrar accreditation process. It oversees the domain name registration industry.
InterNIC, now provides public information about the Internet domain name registration services and helps you with the following:
Your Registrar or Domain Name :

  •  Domain name transfer dispute – about the domain name transfer to a different registrar
  •  Unsolicited Renewal – about domain name renewal or redemption, renewal fee paid but the domain name still not renewed, not receiving renewal reminders, renewing an expired domain name, renewed expired domain name not working
  •  Transfer solicitation – about the redeeming of a domain name within in the redemption grace period
  •  Your registrar or domain name is not found on the accredited list – about registrar compliance, who is your registrar; about registrars and resellers; about financial transactions and payments, the absence of contact information on the registrar’s website, verification of contact data or information, not being able to contact your registrar; about customer complaints; about registrar information specification
  •  Unauthorized transfer of your domain name – when you found out that your domain name was transferred to another registrar without getting your permission, you can submit an unauthorized transfer complaint
  •  Trademark infringement
  •  Registrar Services Dispute

 Failure to respond emails or answer phone calls – about your registrar not being able to answer your inquiries, or not being able to find your registrar’s contact information and other details necessary
Financial transaction issues – any complaints you have regarding financial payments or other financial transactions regarding the registration of your domain name must be resolved directly with your registrar. Contact your registrar immediately if the registration of your domain name or the payment of the renewal of your domain name is not applied properly to your account. Financial disputes must be resolved immediately with your registrar because domain names can be cancelled for failure to make the payment requirements.

  •  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution intake report system – you must fill up UDRP complaint form. This form allows internet users or web browsers to issue or submit a complaint to ICANN regarding the enforcement of Uniform domain name dispute resolution decision

 Information about Registrars

  •  Search the Accredited Registrar Directory – since new accredited registrars have on ongoing establishment of registration services, the Accredited Registrar Directory will be frequently updated. You can refer to this directory often for new and up-to-date details and information.

 Alphabetical List – registrars alphabetically arranged by company name. The data or information that can be seen for each registrar including the contact details and the referral web address, has been given or provided by each individual registrar

  •  List by Location – registrars are arranged alphabetically by origin.
  •  List by Language Supported – registrars are alphabetically by language.

 Problems or Issues with your Registrar

  •  Complaint form – you can contact ICANN regarding contractual compliance complaint
  •  Helpful Hints
  •  Information about WHOIS

 Search Whois – you can search domains, registrars, and name servers via the Whois search or Whois lookup
Report any inaccurate Whois Listing – you can fill up a Whois Inaccuracy Complain form. This form allows web browsers to submit a complaint to ICANN regarding incorrect or incomplete Whois information.

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