Benefits/Drawbacks of managed hosting

It is a kind of internet hosting where in the owner leases the entire server to one user without it being shared. The user becomes the sole user of the server. In this type of hosting, the user has right as to choice of Operating system hardware and a lot more options. This is recommended for users which have high traffic such as the big ones and those which are not very familiar with hosting as the provider steps in the management, security, memory, IT and support. Since it is very personal and individual, managed hosting involves larger costs. But the cost is compensated with service because the focus is solely given to you.

What are its Benefits?

You pay for a big price for it so you also get extra benefits.

  • Server Monitoring. Your provider is always onsite and on call to response to the problems before they even become one. They constantly scan your servers and take care of them thoroughly to prevent major problems that may disrupt your services. They are experts in the field so even minute irregularities will be treated on time.
  • Security. This is the expertise of the support team of the provider. They run tests on your servers, OS and even mails to see if viruses are starting to infect your site. That way, errors will be eliminated early.
  • Managed Storage. The space you need to better run your web site. It varies from time to time and your provider knows this so you won’t have to spend again for updates and expansions.
  • Managed Database. Losing your data is worst. It is like losing your business. Your provider can help you reduce this risk by ensuring that backing ups are made. Your data are secured and complete.
  •  Customization. Your business needs dictate what you have to do with your site. Managed hosting provider is aware of this. You mean to them just as much your business mean to you. You can fully customize your site because you are the sole user of it.
  •  Cost. You do not need to hire experts of different field for you to manage your web site. A managed hosting provider has all the experts equipped with experience who can deal with you just anytime. They are familiar with the server and your business in general so you will not have a problem with their job.
  •  Time-saving. Since you will have a full IT support system who help you, you can focus in managing your core business. In business, more time means more money.
  • Get to know their Drawbacks
  • Managed Hosting, like all other hosting services, have their respective drawbacks, too. Subjectively, it has as it cannot cater for the different needs of users with different agenda for hosting. Some of them are:
  •  Less Satisfaction, You do not have a full control of your servers and if you find yourself unhappy with the services of your in house IT experts, you might just spend for calling other workers who can fix the problem for you.
  •  Not your type. Managed Hosting is best for big web sites with higher traffics and generate big incomes. It is for those who cannot let a single visitor go because of interruptions in their server. If you’re still starting out and you can handle managing your site, try opening an account with we hosts in the internet at lower costs. If your business is not that confusing to manage, start with the simple ones instead of owning and spending for managed hosting providers and incur losses.

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