Managed Server Security Services

.Keeping a server system safe and secure is very important. With the capabilities of today’s hackers, one must go beyond them so that one could be at ease with his own server system. But, not everyone is skilled or at least knowledgeable on the know-hows of maintaining server security. This is one of the services that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer. The particular service that covers the protection of a server is called Managed Server Security Services.

How much security is needed for a managed server?

There are two things that need to be secured for a managed server: the hardware – or the server itself – and the server’s software. You have to make sure that they are physically and virtually beyond the reach of hackers or just about any person who wants to have your server defaced or damaged. These two aspects should be taken into great consideration when choosing a Managed Service Provider. If your website is handling sensitive data, especially those that deal with money, having a secured server is all the more important.

The physical server must be kept in a secure on-site or off-site date center. Unauthorized people should not have access to the servers of the Managed Service Provider. Same goes for the server’s system and software applications. Only the ones you have given the permission should be able to view and manipulate data on the server.

Why is Managed Server Security Services needed?

Security and protection is very important, especially when you are conducting business transactions in the World Wide Web. Managed Server Security provides their clients with the peace of mind and the assurance that their servers are far from unwanted hands. Here are reasons why Managed Server Security Services are vital and necessary:

  •  If you are not someone who is adept at server security, maintaining the server yourself would be a time-consuming and tedious task. Even those who do have knowledge about server security consider the implementation of security measures difficult.
  •  Managed Server Security services already provide their clients with a team of dedicated experts that would be handling the security measures for your server. They would be focused on that alone, so you can be assured that the server’s security would be difficult to compromise.
  •  A compromised security may result in loss in revenues and profit. Your own clients may even lose their trust and completely abandon your product, your services, and your company as a whole. Managed Server Security prevents this from happening by guarding your server.

What are the features of managed Server Security Services?

There are many features for Managed Server Security Services. It is important that you also know what you need and what the level of security must be implemented on your server. There are various packages offered for this service, but you will mostly find these features common to them:

  •  Security audits that are conducted regularly;
  •  Patch updates for the server system and the applications in it;
  •  Bug fixes;
  •  Firewall management;
  •  Provision of SSL Digital Certificates;
  •  Regular server scans per IP address. This can be done daily or weekly;
  •  24/7 availability of Customer Support;
  •  Access to server security experts at any time; and,
  •  Executive summaries and error reports regarding the server’s security for a certain period of time.

Depending on your MSP provider, the subservices of Managed Server Security may be different from the ones on this list. In order to know how effective the MSP is in providing security and implementing their services, look for ratings and reviews on that particular company. You would not want to have your server entrusted to a company that is not capable enough to ward off attacks on their clients’ servers.

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