What to look for in a managed hosting provider

Running a business would cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions or billions depending on the size of the business. What many companies are doing right now is that they are getting online. They build online stores where to put their products for customers to see. Having an online store would require maintenance. Of course it is not without cost. Managing your site would entail hiring of IT staff who is expert in this field. Since you are hiring them you must pay them. Say for instance you are paying their income at $200,000 per year per staff and on top of that you are paying for vacation pay, medical benefits, insurance, and many other things that must be accorded to them in line with their employment.
Well, that is a very expensive especially if you’ve just started doing business. Now, there’s another way of dramatically cutting that cost by using managed hosting service. Managed hosting is a type of web hosting wherein the provider will handle all any issues in your site either internally or externally.

What does manage hosting do?

  •  It provides round-the-clock costumer service – it supports your IT system, software and hardware and many different things necessary to run your website. Everything in your site is monitored in real-time to secure high uptime. Also, every time there is something wrong it can be immediately resolved at a lower cost.
  •  Another feature of managed hosting provider is that it is proactive in monitoring your site so every time a problem is seen it quickly finds solutions so that the problem will not get bigger.
  •  It has help desk to help you with the issues regarding emails and various files which allows you to continue to work productively.

Managed hosting basically controls your cost and at the same time increases productivity. Unlike hiring regular IT staff managed hosting would only require you to pay a fixed rate every month.
What to look for in a managed hosting provider? Lot of business owners get confused over what to look for in a great managed hosting company. Here are the tips that can help you in selecting the best company for you:


 A good managed hosting provider offer cost-effective services. How you will know if you are getting the services at a reasonable price? You need to research all the managed hosting options for you. It pays to compare these packages.

 Control Panel

 You have to choose a hosting company that has a very manageable control panel.

 Dedicated IT specialists

While managed hosting guarantees 24/7 customer support there also clients who have been a victim of inefficient service.


This is the most important thing to consider. Internet is vulnerable to hacking attacks so you must be cautious and in order for your data traffic to be safe you must check the reliability of the hosting company.
Majority of the people that run a website are non-technical people and most of them would not want to devote much of their time to web hosting duties. As a business owner you are too busy to be your own server admin. You may want to spend most of your time making things instead of sitting down in front of the computer to monitor your site. You don’t want to waste your time fixing things. You love running business but you hate updating your applications, going through security check and many other technical duties. If that is the case you need managed hosting to take care of every aspect of your online store.

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