Managed Database Administration

The database is one of the most vital parts of a system. Without it, the system would not be able to display any information to the users. The management and implementation of the database is also important. If you have an unorganized database, then it might be difficult to query the information that you need. For you to have an effective and efficient database, you would have to employ a database administrator. But, even that could prove costly. A rising trend today is the outsourcing of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Among the services they provide is Managed Database Administration.

What are the services offered in Managed Database Administration?

Managed Database Administration fulfills the same roles that an in-house database administrator would with a number of additional services. The services offered by a Managed Database Administration provider may differ from one to another. Generally, the services they provide include:

  •  Customization of database according to your business model;
  •  24/7 monitoring of database and its operations;
  •  Troubleshooting of database issues;
  •  Perform and verify completed database backups daily;
  •  Monitoring of the growth of the database;
  •  Monitoring any system error that may occur in the database;
  •  Monitoring of After Image files;
  •  Setting up of printers in the network;
  •  Performing database refresh at request;
  •  Database performance optimization;
  •  Cluster management; and,
  •  Immediate notification of any issues in the database, such as service interruption.

Why do you need a Managed Database Administration service?

Your database holds all the transaction information that you have in your business. Without good database administration, you can’t expect a top performance from your business. That is why MSPs are now offering Managed Database Administration services, to help their clients achieve the best-suited and top-performing database for their businesses.

There are many more benefits of outsourcing a Managed Database Administration provider. These include:

  •  The assurance of expert database administrators who are dedicated and who possess the apt knowledge needed in database management;
  •  The maximum level of support for your database from experienced professionals;
  •  The optimization and improvement of the performance of your database which, in turn, reduces or ultimately minimizes the downtime of your database;
  •  The cross-platform compatibility of your database;
  •  The assurance of on-site and off-site flexibility; and,
  •  The 24/7 availability of technical support teams and database administration experts.

A superior Managed Database Administration provider would also be offering you quality and top-of-the-line services. You are guaranteed that your database would constantly be running at its peak level of performance.

Is a Managed Database Administration service worth it?

Managed Database Administration services typically cost pretty much the same as what you would be paying an in-house database administration. The advantage of a Managed Database Administration service, though, is you get more value for your money. You are also assured that the people who are working behind your database are seasoned database administrators and database management experts. With the people you need already provided, you don’t have to go through a grueling hiring process in order for you to get the right database administrator. A Managed Database Administration service is solely dedicated to just that, database administration. They will already take care of all the technicalities that would have to be dealt with in database administration. With this service, all the manpower, equipment, and information resources you need are already provided for. You do not have to buy or hire anything for the administration of your database. You would have more time to concentrate on your business and other matters without worrying yourself about how your database is performing. You are already assured of a fast, efficient, and aptly designed database that is specialized to meet your business needs.

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