Choosing iPage or Fatcow for your Web Hosting Need? The Rationale Behind

It is a fact that web hosting companies offer almost the same products that are marketed differently. Basically, the features are almost the same that you no longer identify the difference of one from the other. In fact there is, this can be found actually on the actual services that they provide. There are some companies who cannot deliver what they have committed to their clients. Not iPage and Fatcow, they have proven themselves to be the provider that they claimed to be and sometimes deliver more what they had promised.

On iPage reviews, a would-be customer asks other users regarding the issue of exceeding their bandwidth.  A representative from the company address the concern by saying that if the provider has concerns recording the use of disk space or their account’s bandwidth, the customer will immediately receive an email requesting them reduce their usage. There is a provision of 48 hours for the client to make the necessary adjustment before it is recommended for suspension.

It was further noted that the mentioned incident only happens when a customer uses the account for storing unnecessary data like multimedia files that are not entirely related to the website. It is rare to happen that an website owner exceeds their space usage especially if they are only maintaining a personal or business site.

Actually, this event is commonly understood by the experienced web masters. It is in fact written in the terms and conditions of the company that the unlimited provision is only under normal space usage. Other than that, the site will be subjected to necessary actions.

In another iPage review written by a customer of three years, it was noted that he had purchase two plans from the company for different purposes and he still owns one of his accounts and is already hosting 3 websites from it. He said that he had been highly satisfied by the product’s performance since then.

In fact, he is even recommending the web host provider to other people since its cheap and while its performance is more than the average considering its very low price. One of the best things that he liked about the provider is its ordering process that he describes to be very smooth. He added that when he purchased his accounts, they were already in just minutes after the payments had been made. He noted that the company has an excellent service that they provide to their clients considering that they charge only a little for your subscription.

On the other hand, a Fatcow review from a customer states that the product is appallingly offers low price. This is the company’s MiniMoo package which is actually a very clever product that is offering minimal services in an astoundingly inexpensive price.

The company’s MiniMoo plan is recommended for those people who are looking for low web presence instead of full blown website. The package is composed of an email account along with an auto responder, a ‘coming soon’ splash page for the domain and a full support on phone and email. Wondering how much this cost? Well, it’s only $5 every year.

Another best feature of this provider according to Fatcow reviews is its Free Nextiva Toll-Free Phone number. This is a rare and excellent addition to features of the company’s product. Thus, you no longer need to worry about IP Phone systems, expensive monthly bills, or a deskphos, the company already resolves this problem for you. The package already comes with a phone number plus 100 minutes free credits every month. All these without an extra cost.

Almost, if not all, of the web hosts are charging their customers on a monthly basis and these fees add up to a huge amount every year. Yet, this web host service provider offers an annual plan that already includes multi-layer plans that when you sum them up, you’ll get big savings. Moresop, if you signup for a three years subscription, the discounts gets bigger.

Finally, if you are worried about subscribing because you are located elsewhere other than the United States, you don’t need to worry about this fact since thy offer email ad phone support coming from their strategic locations in Canada, UK, US, Australia, and Europe.

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