Does WebHostingHub Offer A Dedicated IP Address?

Nature of WebHostingHub

With today’s technology web hosting service grew larger in demand. It is a type of internet service where an individual, company, or an organization is allowed to create their website and make it available through World Wide Web. A web host is a company that provides a virtual space available for lease or for purchase for the clients. One of the web host company is the WebHostingHub where web hosting service is exercised. In a hosting service there are basically three general types of hosting. One common type is the shared web hosting. This type of hosting is executed if there are several large sites that are accommodated in a single server. The second type of web hosting is the dedicated web hosting where the whole server is leased by a client to be used for a single web site. The last general type of hosting is the virtual private server. In this particular type, it is a combination of the two previously mentioned type of hosting. This is done when a particular web site is hosted on its own virtual server. The advantage for the third type is that the hosted site is not affected by the sites of other clients.

How-to: Getting a dedicated IP address

In a default setting, several clients with shared IP address on the same server affects the performance of the leased space due to the activities and traffic generated by each site. Most of the time security, stability, and control are the most prioritized area in creating a web site. This is the reason why most of the larger companies preferred to have a dedicated IP address. This option is one of the most expensive ways to create a site because all expenses are not shared by other clients; rather, it is centralized to the company who is leasing the server.

The Process: Log and Registration

Before buying a dedicated IP address, a complete AMP registration is required. To successfully register in the Account Management Panel, there are a few simple things to be done:

  •  Visit the web hosting site and click the log in button. You will be directed to a page where a form or several forms are required to be filled.
  •  Fill in the required fields with real and actual information. Writing non-existing information will result to several conflicts in the process.
  •  When all required fields are complete, review the information and click on the finish or submit option.
  •  A confirmation is sent to your email together with other important information and reminders. This may include the private policy and web security.

Once you finished the registration, you can proceed with your purchase of the IP address. The dedicated IP address will be sent to your email after it is added on your account. Most of web hosting services, the activation of a dedicated IP address may take one day or more. Once the IP address is active and ready, the shared domain will automatically be transferred to the new dedicated IP address.

Reality: Is a dedicated domain really necessary?

There are advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated IP address. Several factors may include the following criteria:

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  Speed due to the density or traffic of information flowing in a sever
  •  Control of a single server versus a shared server
  •  Security and stability of the server

SEO aspect has two things to consider namely spamming and rank. Most of the SEO professionals believe that most search engines, especially, trust more to sites on a dedicated IP address which results to granting a higher engine search ranking. This theory is believed and accepted without any solid evidence that comes with it. This is true as a part of a search engine’s calculation to include IP address but the size of effect of its impact is thin and negligible.

Most sites, especially a business site, with a small requirement of resources opt more on a shared IP address to minimize expenses and maximize profit. With this fact, speed is sacrificed because of the heavy traffic flow of the information. Even if a server has to inspect an item and examine the contents before a final delivery is executed, it may be true that the more web sites hosted the slower the process it gets. In consideration, every server has to go through that same process. Both types of web hosting have only minor difference in speed of flow in looking at that information. This will leave the options to the client’s control of the server and its stability.

The only huge advantage of a dedicated IP address is its full control over the server. The full control allows you to do things which a shared IP can’t do. It is most preferred to have a dedicated IP address but, in consideration with the facts and figures mentioned, a shared IP will work just fine.

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