10 Stunningly Beautiful Vector Websites for Inspiration

There’s just something cool about vector illustrated sites that takes your breath away. They’re beautiful, exciting, and downright bold. Web designers are able to create and bring to life worlds and people that otherwise only exist in our imagination.

If you’re a hardcore Photoshop junkie or an HTML expert, it’s hard not to get jealous of those with some illustrator skills. Most web designers deal almost exclusively with faster images. Luckily, there are some of us who have vector skills and deserve some recognition.



EuroVPS claims to be the hosting authority in Europe. We can’t say for sure, but they have definitely put together a website that backs up this claim. You can clearly see the details used in this website, which makes it hard not to love.

Ray’s Lab

Ray’s Lab has created one of those stunningly beautiful scenes that grabs everyone’s attention. This artistic expression is the kind of thing we can only imagine. The web developer did a great job of keeping a consistent, creative feel to the website.


DIY is a site that’s dedicated to teaching people various skills. Compared to most websites we visit, this one doesn’t just deal with great coding or programming. You can learn how to cook, camp, or even build a fort!


Mega Cultural

This website uses a lot of different approaches to their illustrated look. All of the elements work very well together. It’s a very fun and unique site that’s worth looking at and interacting with.


Envira Media

Envira Media took a different approach to web design altogether. You won’t always see left navigation or a page layout like this one. They took a step further by engulfing this design in a beautiful landscape.


Moving Things

Moving Things is a very popular website because it’s pretty perfect. There are a lot of design elements that mesh well with the typography, the illustrations, the page layout, and the purpose of the site. It’s a great inspiration to everyone.

Di Biasotto

There’s a lot going on in this website, but we don’t mean it in a bad way at all. There are a lot of illustrations and extravagant navigation. With portfolios, you have to put your best foot forward and they did just that.



Kopla based their brand around being able to push towards the future. It’s a bold claim, but the futuristic style of the site will make you believe it a little more. Though they’re random vector bits, this website is just as creative as anything else.


Carbonmade Talent Pool

Carbonmade Talent Pool is very popular among web designers and creative professionals. They often use the site to create eye-catching portfolios to share with the world. It looks like they have something new coming soon, so they’ve made a splash page for it.


While this website uses awesome illustrations, you can’t deny their wonderful use of typography. Not only do you get some cool animations, you also get some fun sounds when you interact with the site.

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