Top Tips for Web Typography

There are a number of web developers that misunderstood and think of web typography as less valuable while in the process of web designing. Perhaps one of the obvious reasons for this is its pure simplicity. Well for one, web typography follows the concept of keeping things simple as they were and not complicate things. Basically, web typography centers with opinions and theories, yet web design evolution really relies with opinions and theories, if not, all web designers will be stuck with those repulsive designs they have ten years ago. Thus, web typography is very important and the following tips will help you understand why.

  • Creating Letterpress effect using Text Shadow of CSS. Letterpress effect is gradually gaining massive popularity when it comes to web designing. In fact, modern browsers are now showing support with CSS3 text shadow properties. This will not require you to have excellent Photoshop skills since you can do this using pure CSS.
  • Using Typographic Flow and Contrast to emphasize Text. As most developers know, majority of your online readers does not read all the lines. Instead, they simply scan your contents. Because of this reason, designers need to create a typographic contrast as well as flow in emphasizing a specific text. Contrast is very important since not everything inside a page possess an equal value. Thus, it is best if you highlight those texts with greater significance. In doing this, you can always direct your reader in reading messages that are important.
  • CSS Font Stacks. Font stacks are actually lists of fonts that are defined within the font family of CSS. Browsers will look into the user’s system to find the most suitable font. This simply means that you will be using Gill Sans in cases that you don’t have it. Yet, when you do, your visitor will have an excellent experience in navigating through your site when they can view your design exactly how you created it for them.
  • Using Font with FLIR. Facelift Image Replacement or FLIR gives you the best alternative with sFIR minus the need to use Flash in your web design project.
  • Using Snazzy PullQuotes on your Blog. Pullquotes is considered as one of the most effective elements which you can add to be able to improve the scannability of your text. In fact the, professionals in the publishing industry had been using them for years as a courtesy to their readers and an element for design.
  • Creating Web Type within a Baseline Grid. This will help you in defining baseline grid where the content should be placed. It will also allow you to place an effective web medium. In print publications baseline grids are mandatory this is because it ensures that the bottom of every line is aligned in a vertical grid which is also applied in writing.

There you have it, some of the best things that web typography can do in improving your web design projects. As a web developer, you need to make sure that all the possible ideas that will make your page worth a visit are applied. You’ll get all the credits when it attracts massive traffic anyway.

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