Top Ten Web Developer Friendly Joomla Extension this 2014

Web developers all over the world are looking for ways on making their life easier. Now, coding skills need not to be too tasking anymore. The presence of open sources that are free, with several options for functionality, and is customized for different nature of business makes creating a website as easy as ABC. The list below of thetop ten web developer friendly joomla extensions this 2014 will help developers in getting the best joomla extension for their website.



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This extension is considered as the leader for e-commerce websites. Primarily, it provides several e-commerce options that are flexible according to requirement of the owner of the site. It also comes with a useful catalog management that fits perfectly for sites that intends to earn online.

The Component

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This extension allows the display ad embedding of videos on websites. It has several parts that include editor plug-in, content plug-in, module, and system plug-in. After its installation, the videos that had been embedded can be displayed in a module position or inside the article.


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As it name implies, this extension provide easy addition of attachments to articles. It can be downloaded or viewed by the visitors. Moreso, it combines management ad uploading of attachment along with a plug-in in cases that there is a need to add an attachment to an article inside the site.

The Extension


This extension is an ajax based interface that allows its users in creating complex forms. It supports a massive number of fields and forms. Forms that were created using this extension are supported by Moolon and Akismet anti-spam systems.

The Joomla Tool Suite Extension

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This is created with an objective of installing it independently from Joomla so that web developers are provided with fall back whenever problems concerning the site are encountered. Among its top features include installation assessment, post installation checking, security auditing, file system auditing, etc.




This is actually a backup component of Joomla. This extension creates full back up of the site and store in a single archive which can be restored using any kind of Joomla capable server.



This extension provides tag to joomla contacts and articles. It can be used in imposing organization to the site and in enhancing the user navigation. When you use labels, you can easily assign an article to several classifications.




This is primarily used in enhancing the module management. This extension permits an addition of rules as well as logic in displaying modules to the page. Developers can set a start as well as the end date of a publication of a module which will trigger a module display similar to the looks of metadata or text of an item.


News Show Pro

This extension is primarily intended for displaying which then allows several varieties of formats using combined modules. It makes it a lot easier to display several item within one page using different formats.




This extension has FTP and filet permits the developer in managing ad browsing files within Joomla supported sites. When using this extension, developers can download files, search, browse, and upload from the server then create an archive for it.


There you have it, the top ten web developer friendly joomla extension this 2014. Decide which among the items on list will help you improve the looks and performance of your website. Get it, use it, and see the effect for yourself.


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