Top 10 Blog Fonts

A font is like the voice of your blog or site. No matter how interesting and engaging your content is if you do not have an excellent font to spice it up, then you would end up with zero visitors. A nice font can increase the tenacity of your visitors, the length of time they visit your site, and the like. More visits, more opportunities, the better. Below are the Top 10 Blog Fonts you should know about.


On top of the “Top 10 Blog Fonts” list is Zapfino. Such font is the Cadillac of fonts. It works gorgeously when used in labelingand headlining. It cannot be used in the text body but it matches well with Cochin or Baskerville.

Apple Chancery

Second is Apple Chancery. It is a magnificent font that imitates calligraphy, but is not full-fledged calligraphy. This is a very impressive text font that should be used cautiously. Headings would look really nice with this font.

Apple Gothic

Third in the “Top 10 Blog Fonts” list is Apple Gothic. It has its innate thickness which it gives it an airy feel. These are good when used in subheadings or even bylines. They match the Helvetica Neue and can be used together.

The Helvetica Neue

Fourth is The Helvetica Neue. It is a script font that has minute boldness in it. It comes obviously dark with high contrast. It works well on over white backgrounds that tend to obscure lesser fonts. Such font works well in photography blogs as titles and bullets.

Courier New

Fifth in the “Top 10 Blog Fonts” list is Courier New.  Such font is larger than most others of similar points and has a more smooth-edged feel. It is well-proportioned and permeates a sense of balance and justice. There is massiveprecision and history in this font.


Sixth is Cochin is a thick script font. It is somewhat shorter than the Baskerville and has an unquestionable appeal amongst intellectuals and academics. This font is a popular and download-worthy font.


Seventh is Baskerville.  If you will use this on a minimalist white background the blending of this Baskerville font and the play with bold and italics, leaves the content permanentlyimprinted in the readers’ mind.

Book Antiqua

Eighth is Book Antiqua. Such font does not seem to have the appreciationthe Time or Calibri has, but it is one of the fonts that seems to express a sense of class and style. It is reasonablyattractive and is very flexible.


Ninth is Calibri. It is one of the best fonts to use in this environment. It is clear and has a slightly lengthwise tilt to its aspect ratio and thereby lengthens the manuscript.

Times New Roman.

Tenth is Times New Roman. It is the classic and the standard by which all fonts are measuredTimes New Roman, as most of us knew, is a timeless classic.

Now that you have already known the Top 10 Blog Fonts, you can already choose whatever among these ten you would want to download and use for your blog posts.

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