Top Ten Great Looking Magazine WordPress Themes this 2014

The theme that you will be using for your website should complement the nature of product or services that you wanted to display. Its looks should enhance the message that you wanted to impart to your visitors. The list below shows ten of the best looking magazine WordPress theme that you should consider.


This is developed to serve as a congratulatory and celebration page on WordPress. It has a classic but elegant look. It comes with a number of layout options plus a customizable banner within the header for the word: Thank you.


This is one of the magazine style theme that places your content within a beautiful wrapper that is complete with an elegant and subtle page elements. It features a customizable slideshow, a built-in contact form and gallery style that has a lightbox functions. It also has two widget sidebars.

Distant Dawn

This theme use a black and grey striped layout that already has colors for better appeal of the pages.


This theme is perfect for all Apple and technology related blogs. It uses media queries in targeting various displays like notebooks, desktops, iPads, and iPhones minus the need for a plug-in. its layout adjusts automatically to the viewing area of the users.


This is a sleek blue theme that has a configurable slider, a Cufon-enable headlines, and drop down menus. It also has an auto thumbnail generator and supports WordPress 3+ menu system. It is also integrated with Twitter.


This theme has a unique style of magazine that is based from TwentyTen theme.

Sight. This is a very powerful theme that is based for blogs that follows magazine styles. It is built using grid and uses a modern minimalist style design.


This is a flexible ad clean grid based theme for magazines. It has a minimalist and modern style of design that suits several kinds of websites like portfolios, online magazine, and blogs.

The Morning After

This theme is basically an ancestor of the modern magazine theme for WordPress. This is actually designed originally by Arun Kale. It was recently bought by Woo Themes who then modernized and restructured it using a powerful development framework.

Lucky Guess

This theme uses CSS3 techniques like subtle text shadows within the headings, box gradients, and text orientation effects.

The looks of your website speaks highly of its creator and the represents the image of the organization to your visitors. Thus, it is important that you create one with good looks, clean looking, and if possible, the design should be responsive and minimalist. You can start achieving this by starting to consider any of the great looking themes listed above.

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