Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider Guidelines

Similar to any other things in life, making a decision as what web hosting company will you choose in setting up your website, it also requires an in-depth thinking. There are several factors to consider. This is because most of them promise 99 percent uptime, experienced support personnel, and several unlimited resources. Yet, there needs to be a concrete basis in choosing one.

  1. Price. Commonly, this is the first thing that most people will look into when choosing the web hosting company. Yet, time and again, experienced developers say that this should not be the basis of your decision. You need to know that the cheapest may also come with cheap services. It is important that the provider, regardless of the prices, offers all the high quality features, services, and hardware that will ensure the profitability for business sites or maximum xposure for personal sites.
  2. User Interface and Control Panel. Even you are not among those tech savvy people, you can always do the basic things in setting up your website like installing to WordPress and setting up your FTP and email accounts. You can do these things without the need to call the provider for support. As a recommendation, you should consider Plesk or cPanel as an Interface and control panel to use since update as well as modifications are very easy on them.
  3. Scalability. It is important that future requirements are also considered like expansion especially when the business starts to grow. Thus, it is important that the platform should be able to meet your increasing needs two or more years after the day you have started using their platform. If they can’t then it’s time to look for other options.
  4. Specialties. It is a common fact that not all of the features and services offered by web hosting companies works to every kind of needs of the clients. Some works to others while there some that requires more. There are some that offers excellent shared plans but cannot support growing businesses. There are some the provides excellent ecommerce solutions but does not fit to someone who only requires small and limited audience. Thus, the host should be able to deliver a specific kind of services that can be enjoyed and are required by some industries. Thos companies that offers generic everything on their services is most likely will not attract good traffic.
  5. Tech Limitations and Specs. It is important that you get a good and honest look on your site. The list down the things that you wanted to do like improvements and additions. Then compare those things to the features of the web hosting provider if they can deliver them to you. Those who fall short even with a single requirement is automatically out of the list while the one that can deliver everything that you need and some extra services is definitely the provider that you are looking for.
  6. Tech Support. This is among the most important things that you should consider. This is because there needs to be someone whom you can call in cases that problem arises like when the page goes down or an external intrusion is evident. The support personnel must be available 24/7 with more than one way of contacting them like phone, email, or live chat.
  7. Add-on Features. This is the aspect where you ask yourself and others if what makes the company standout against its competitors. Does it offers additional incentive that makes your website performs better or attract more traffic.  These areas may be answers like the presence of multiple data centers, energy-saving methods, or additional features like free domain privacy and regular backup of data.
  8. Hardware. This aspect requires a little research and investigation. You need to know the kind of machines that your hosting company uses. You must know if they using the best machines in running their services. If they do, well and good, if not then think again before subscribing. Old fashioned and out-dated machines may cause disruption of operation or worst, downtime.
  9. Customer Reviews and Overall Reputation. With this, it is important that you investigate through online forums, discussions, and review sites the feedbacks of people who have used or are using the platforms. Consider the pros and cons and validate. There might be personal attacks on the review areas so you need to know the authority and knowledge of these people who are writing reviews. Believe those that are legit and disregard the irrelevant ones.
  10. Email Features. This is an aspect where some website owners fails to ask their host. Ensuring that everything works well with the email means that you won’t have problems with spams. It is also important that your provider has anti-spam solution and a good general email address practices.

Know everything that you need to ensure that the web host to whom you will be subscribing will provide you with only the best and satisfying services.


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