10 Useful Web Design Tips

In order to come up with a website that has a great quality, you also need a web design that will meet these expectations. This article will give you ten tips that will help you to improve your website’s design.

1. Clear Navigation

Every good web designer knows that the design technique that they should employ should lead the user around the screen and website. If you divide your website into clear sub-sections or perhaps provide a site map. Stick to only one main navigation menu and keep it constant throughout your website. Use sub-navigation and keep it clean by not using drop down menus.

2. Strong and clear brand message

The image that your website will project is what the world would see. It would be the sole basis of their impressions on the company that you represent. Through web design, you can fully control this image. Physically what we’re trying to say is you can position your logo or the key message on the top left hand corner — the part of the screen where are eyes are most likely to be drawn to.

3. Keep it consistent

Avoid letting your users feel disoriented by suddenly changing your styles from one page to another. If you aren’t consistent with the style you’re using, they might start to feel lost and ultimately leave your website. Part of a professional image is being able to maintain consistency in your website by making sure that everything matches, from heading sizes down to design.

4. Make your website easy to use

Some visitors can be very impatient when it comes to learning how new things work on a website. If you introduce new things that they aren’t familiar with or isn’t easy to work with, they will leave immediately. Make sure that the navigation buttons can be easily seen and are distinguishable from any other element in your website. Place the links directly from page to page so that your user can switch pages with ease once they see something that catches their attention.

5. Simplicity is beauty

One of the main things that will make a visitor leave a website is if its too complex to figure out. It should be quick and easy to use, and simplicity is the key to this.  Don’t be afraid to leave white spaces every now and then. It’s better than loading it with useless things that will only eventually drive away your visitors.

6. Make it understandable

Let’s assume for a moment that your visitors will stay on your site for a maximum of 20 seconds. Make sure that those 20 seconds count by making your content understandable. There are design techniques available to aid you in making your page easier to understand — construct shorter sentences, give headers a larger font size, etc.

7. Write with a target audience in mind

Never forget that you’re making a website for a reason — and that reason is your target audience. As tempting as it is to load your website with all the information there is about your company, keep it succinct in style. Avoid jargon if you can but if it’s unavoidable, keep a glossary available for their reference. If you’re hoping of attracting visitors through SEO, consider the key words that people will be typing in when they search. Include these keywords in your content as often as it is appropriate to boost your site up in search engine listings.

It’s important to know how to go about making your web design. Let these tips guide you and make a great website from these tips.

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