Colocation vs dedicated server hosting

Colocation is one of the hosting options intended for small businesses who want to have the IT features of well-off business without incurring any costs.  Many big industries have the capacity and the finances to run and manage their own web servers but small business do not. It is cost-saving in a sense. Instead of owning racks and sites, it would be a lot less expensive to lease a space or to rent a server machine and enjoy comparable amount of bandwidth.

A user under colocation places his server machine in some other business’s rack or rents the server machine directly from the colocation provider. He will then be provided with a bandwidth, IP and power by the provider. It is the same as managing your website through a web host; the difference is you own the server!

Rewards of colocation hosting

After understanding what a colocation hosting is, you have to get a good briefing at the rewards it may give you. Here are some.

  • Cost. Apparently, that is the bottom line of colocation hosting. You get the same bandwidth speed or even better. If others pay for it at $150-$200, with colocation hosting, you can get it at the same price for a better server or less.
  •  Power Interruption-safe. In case power interruption tries to disrupt your for using your server, colocation hosting provides you with a choice to pay for generator fees and power back-ups to help you manage your site even if power outage is around.
  •  Own decision prevails. Since you are the owner of the server machine, you have the choice on what to do with them. If it works below your expected level, you can simply upgrade it at your discretion without waiting for your host to upgrade it. Along with the machine, you also own the software. That means if you need newer software to work for your web site, you can simply install them yourself at your most convenience.
  •  Server On even when you move. We pay domain for servers when we move but when you own the server, it is running the whole time you’re busy.
  • Security. It is the responsibility of your provider to keep safe your machines. You won’t have any worry because they are retained in secured places.
  •  Extra Services. If you do not have your IT members, leave it to your provider at an extra cost. They will maintain and manage them for you.
  • Risks of colocation hosting
  •  Distance. Colocation providers are hard to find. Sometimes, you have to be in major cities to find one. If your office is quite far, you may have a problem in contacting them for your concerns.
  •  Cost. The dark side of the cost is that since you own the machines, you are responsible for their additions, repairs, replacements and other subsequent events occurring to them.
  • Travel difficulties. To response to your concerns, you have to go with your providers and travel long distances to where your machines are.
  •  Moving out. When you are moving to another location, either you have to carry your servers with you or pay your providers with maintenance fees.
  •  Fluctuating rates. Rates in collocating a server is the amount of the data sent to you therefore traffics can cause your bills to jump higher. That is something beyond your control and might be beyond your budget.

To collocation hosting or not?

The answer depends on the needs of the user. If you feel web hosting is not fit for your proposed site then go for colocation hosting. But if web hosting satisfies you then stick with it. Put your biggest consideration on the line.

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