What are the benefits of colocation?

What is colocation?

Colocation is refers to the hosting service where the client leases a space, storage rack, cage or room from a colocation facility or an offsite data center. A colocation facility, by the way, is a data center which is provided with the basic necessities to provide an efficient hosting service to servers. These basic necessities include, but are not limited to power required to run the server, the cooling system, the security and the fire suppression system and the bandwidth. This is the sole responsibility of the colocation facility. On the other hand, the client is responsible for the purchase or, in some cases, lease of the server hardware and software, the other devices that are needed for the hosting service including the management the server itself. This is because most colocation facilities keep a hands-off policy when it comes to server management tasks. However, some colocation services do offer managed colocation services, where the colocation also takes care of the server management.
More often than not, the whole data center could be housing a number of servers within their facility. It can be likened to an apartment with a number of tenants who are supplied with power and water by the apartment owner.

What are the benefits of colocation?

Basically, the first benefit that you get from colocation when you do make the move from your present hosting service to colocation is that it should be able to provide the answer to the reason that you sought when you decided to make the move. However, aside from that benefit, colocation brings a lot of other benefits to the client and to the business. Here are a few of the benefits that you should expect from colocation:

  •  With colocation service, clients are billed and charged utility-type, meaning they only get billed for what they actually used. This also means that there could be no waste in money for paying services that you do not need and may never this. This billing benefit could translate into huge cost savings.
  •  Colocation data centers are provided with redundant and high-speed bandwidth connection to multiple internet networks ensuring high internet connection reliability. With it, clients never need to worry about slow loading or lagging connections.
  •  Colocation centers are also provided with redundant power systems as well as back-up power which basically means that there is no need to worry about server downtime despite power loss due to downed power lines or severe power outages.
  •  The client has full control and authority over server hardware and its software. This should be true to all colocation services not unless the client opts to subscribe to Managed Colocation services.
  •  There is no need to more the IT equipment from one location to another even if you need to move your business to another location.
  •  Colocation facilities and data centers are provided with the best security arrangement and are better equipped against forced entry, unauthorized access, fire and other natural disasters. This enhanced security includes card entry and round-the-clock camera monitoring.
  •  Colocation facilities are provided with the top-of-the-line technology, such as firewall and other intrusion detection services to ensure data protection.
  •  Most colocation centers are staffed 24/7 which are always ready to provide expert and professional support to the client and the server.
  •  Since you are only billed for what you actually used, you can easily add or remove bandwidth from your service which guarantees scalability and additional room for growth. This scalability and room for growth is not only limited to bandwidth but to other services as well.
  •  Colocation facilities are known for being able to provide better performance, faster speeds and connectivity.

What should I need to consider when I choose colocation services?

These are some of the most basic questions that you need to ask in order to start an in-depth investigation of whether you have made the right choice for your preferred colocation service:

  •  How close is the colocation data center from my office?
  •  What capabilities does the colocation provider have?
  •  What connectivity options between my site and the colocation center do they offer?
  •  What measures does the colocation service offer to ensure compliance and security?
  •  What are the support resources that the facility offers?
  •  How efficient are the power and cooling capabilities of the data center that will house my servers?

Are the benefits of colocation reason enough for me to make a move?

Usually, when you decide to make a move it should be because of a reason. The first consideration in deciding to make a move should be the answer to this question, “Does colocation offer me the services I need that are not and cannot be provided in my present hosting service?” Usually, the answer to this question would be among the expected benefits of colocation. All the other benefits are plus factors in your decision of mowing towards colocation.

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