Is colocation right for me?

Why should you need colocation?

People prefer colocation for their servers for a lot of reasons. These reasons could vary from the most simple to the most complex of reasons. However, to better understand why, we may need to generalize a few things. You could be in need of colocation when your office or the data center where your servers and other devices are housed and installed has become outmoded, outdated and so dilapidated and needs major renovation work but you do not have the necessary funds for the work. Another valid reason why your need colocation is when you have outgrown the office or your present data center and that you need more elbow room to expand your services but you do not have enough funds for the required construction or expansion. Still another valid reason is that you could be just starting a new company and you need of a space to place your servers but is not yet ready to make the investment of building your own data center.
When the facilities of your present data center such as the bandwidth, cooling and power are in need of major overhaul and upgrade but you do not have the funds for the job necessary is also a good reason why you need colocation. And last but certainly not the least reason is that when you simply want the best for company that’s why you want to place your brand new servers and devices into a data center that is well-equipped and better protected.
There could be a lot more reasons why but suffice it to say, that if and when you start to see these reasons in your hosting service, then you’ll know that you are in need of colocation.

What are the common advantages of colocation

Colocation can bring a lot of advantageous. Among these advantages are the following:

  •  You get to share bandwidth cost with other clients in the colocation facility which means you are assured of a high bandwidth speed and better redundancy at a much lower cost. This could translate in savings due to the low bandwidth cost.
  •  You are the owner of the server which gives your full authority over it, you can get to decide whether you want to buy a new server or simply to upgrade your present server, without having to wait for your provider to solve the problem for you.
  •  You own the server software which gives you the authority and the right to decide which software, application and tools you want to use. It also means that you get to decide when you want to install it without having to wait for the provider to install the software for you.
  •  You have better outage protection as colocation facilities are equipped redundant power and power generators which ensures that your server will be up and running even during power outages.
  •  Your server is provided better security and better, top-of-line fire suppression facilities. This is because colocation facilities are secured physically with a 24/7 security detail, card entry features, video monitoring facilities and a specialised fire detection and suppression technology which means that your server is in a well maintained and secured facility.
  •  Your server is provided with a better environmental control that ensures the facility is equipped with the technology that monitors and controls the temperature, humidity and particulates filtration assuring optimal server performance and extended server life.
  •  Colocation Data Centers provide constant monitoring and superb technical services which includes central data storage, firewall, backups and DDoS attack mitigation.

What should I need to consider when I choose colocation services?

Although some important considerations can be based on personal choices and preferences, there are also some important factors that you need to consider when you choose colocation services. To start examining your choices, you may need to ask the following questions:

  •  How close is the colocation data center from my office?
  •  What capabilities does the colocation provider have?
  •  What connectivity options between my site and the colocation center do they offer?
  •  What measures does the colocation service offer to ensure compliance and security?
  •  What are the support resources that the facility offers?
  •  How efficient are the power and cooling capabilities of the data center that will house my servers?

Is colocation right for me?

If your server is intended to serve sites that are designed for blogs and for personal use, colocation is not for you. But, if you have a small business that needs the features and services of a large IT department, and if your server needs to be more robust, needs a large web presence and when you need to have complete control and management of your site, including the choice of equipment and software within an economical cost, then colocation is the best choice for you. It is highly recommended for small sites with large needs but do not have the funds to do it.

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