Top Tips for Web Designers: Principles in Web Designing

Web designing is not applying what appeals to you or what you think is best for your website. Ultimately, you need to consider the behavior of your users who will be the one using your site and giving you sales after they purchase an item that you are selling. It is not about flaunting how good you are with designing but what will help them navigate your site with pleasure and ease. The tips below are some pointers that web designers must bear in mind when designing a website.


Do not make your users think. It was written that the primary law of usability is that web pages must be self-explanatory and obvious. So whenever you care creating a website, you need to eliminate all the questions. These are the decisions that your users need to make like considering the benefits and drawbacks and thinking about the alternatives.


So in cases that the site architecture are not intuitive, a number of queries comes and it makes it more difficult for users to understand how your system works and how they can get from one point to another. Thus it is important that there is a clear structure, an easily recognizable links, and moderate visual clues that will help your users find their way to their aim.


Do not squander the patience of your users’. In any project that you will be doing, it is always advised that the requirements are kept minimal. This is because less action required from the users in trying your service, then you will have bigger chances that they will actually try it. Moreso, first time visitors are very much willing to play with your service but minus the long web forms that they need to fill out especially that they do not see its usability in the future. So it is best that your simply let your users in exploring your site then discover your services without even forcing them to at least share any of their private information. It is discourage that you force users in sharing their email address just to test your feature.


Manage a site that keeps users’ attention. Every website must give both dynamic and static content since some parts of users’ interface gets more attention compare to others. Practically, images and animations catcher more attention compare to text while those text in bold are more attractive than the plain one. Basically, the eye is a non-linear device so your web users can immediately recognize the edges, motions, and patterns. This is actually the very reason why ads that are based from videos becomes extremely distracting and annoying when it comes to the marketing perspective, they do the job perfectly and captures the attention effectively.


Generally, there are so many things that need to be considered in web designing. The principles above are just some of the things that you need to consider in web designing. Remember that you are creating a website for your visitors to appreciate and not to gratify yourself. Keep this in mind in all of your web designing projects and you know that you are in the right path.



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