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When browsing web hosting sites, there will be brands that you recognize and others that you just don’t seem to know anything about.

For most people, Web.com falls into that category. While this certainly doesn’t suggest that Web.com is a poor web hosting service, but rather, it is due to Web.com’s small consumer base.

Web.com currently serves over 3 million customers for web hosting services.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry and an understanding of business solutions, this service focuses primarily on the needs of small businesses when it comes to getting their website up and running on the web.

If you’re considering a web hosting service, then Web.com is an ideal option if you are a small business or e-commerce page. Below are a few of the features that you can expect.

The Service’s Greatest Features

When you’re trying to get a website for your business launched, you need to make sure that your web hosting service has exactly the tools to help you get there. A few of the most common features that you can expect through Web.com’s service include:

  • A great deal of disk space
  • FTP Access
  • Easy WordPress Install
  • Automatic website backup
  • User-friendly website builder
  • Many open source applications
  • Reliable uptime

With these features, you’ll be able to take advantage of Web.com’s tools to get your website launched as soon as possible.

Uptime Rating

As you do research regarding your options, you’ll notice that nearly everyone is talking about uptime in relation to web hosting services. Uptime is essentially how frequently your website remains online. The less downtown your website experiences, the better it is for you. It also means that your web hosting service is doing a great job.

When it comes to Web.com, the company does its best to meet customer demands and expectations. Those who register with the service can expect a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Keep in mind – that guarantee is guided by the company’s terms and conditions. So, to fully get a perspective about what the 99.9% guarantee means, you’ll need to review the terms and conditions.

Open Source Applications Available

As mentioned above, Web.com also offers users a number of open source applications. This type of feature is one that you may not come by frequently. So, if open source applications through your web hosting service are of importance to you, then you may just want to take Web.com into more consideration. A few of the open source applications that you can expect with this service include:

  • WordPress Blogs
  • B2evolution
  • Joomla
  • Zoops
  • Geelog
  • Mambo
  • Owl
  • Drupal
  • Typo3
  • TikiWiki
  • PHPWiki
  • Help Center Live
  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • BBClone
  • Advanced Guest Book
  • ..and more

With the above features, you’ll be able to customize your website and you’ll also have the tools available to fulfill the purpose of your website.

An Easy to Use Service

When deciding upon a web hosting service, one consideration that you certain need to take into account, especially if you don’t have much of a technology background, is the service’s ease of use.

Web.com is one of those companies that truly makes an effort to ensure that every user finds the system functional and manageable. Those who use the site truly find the clean interface easy to navigate.

If there is any issue with Web.com’s system, is that it is too simplified for many, too.

Those who use the system don’t have the opportunity to test drive the interface, unless they sign up for a paid account.

This usually means that you may be buying into a service that ultimately doesn’t work well for you. In addition, there are no tutorial videos on how you use the system, which still make it a bit challenging.

The Package Structure

Now, to one of the most important points – pricing. You’ll find that Web.com’s pricing structure is pretty much in-line with what you’d find elsewhere.

The only difference is that Web.com does offer you fewer features, even if you are at the premium package level. The three package structures include:

Essential Hosting ($5.95/mo.)

Those who register for the essential hosting package can expect 300GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, 25 FTP accounts, 100 multi-user email boxes, and 1 free domain. You’ll find that you can find more features elsewhere, for the same price.

Professional Hosting ($7.95/mo.)

Through the professional package, you’ll attain 500GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, 50 FTP accounts, 500 multi-user email boxes, and 1 free domain. Again, same as above – elsewhere does have better.

Premium Hosting (9.95/mo.)

Finally, at the premium level, you have unlimited disk space, data transfer, and FTP accounts. Your email boxes are able to accommodate 1000 users and you get only 1 free domain.

As you’ve probably realized, Web.com’s pricing structure does have a lot to be desired. If you really don’t need the features and don’t mind the higher price for less, then perhaps this service is still the best option for you and your web hosting needs.

A Major Issue

While Web.com is promising, there is also another issue that has left users frustrated – aside from the price and features available. Web.com is also known to have glitches and bugs with its system. This means that you may not get the smooth and reliable service when you are using the interface. As a result, managing your web hosting and ensure that everything is up to par may be difficult.

Therefore, the best thing to do may be for you to continue to look around. If Web.com meets your needs in all other areas elsewhere and other brands are unable to do so, then you may want to come back and check out this service. Otherwise, it may not be worthwhile to you in the long run to choose a service with glitches and a high price.

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