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So, you’re currently thinking of GoDaddy as an option for your web hosting service provider.

Maybe you’re even hoping that by using GoDaddy’s service, you’ll get just as lucky as Walter on GoDaddy’s Superbowl 2013 Commercial, where he kissed Bar Rafaeli hahaha…

At least with the rest of GoDaddy’s features, you can have very realistic and positive expectations – just not that one.

Ultimately, GoDaddy is a service that is in the practice of providing its customers with attractive web hosting with multiple capabilities. It’s extremely efficient for individuals who are beginners or seasoned website professionals.

To make sure that you’re making the right decision regarding your web hosting needs, below is an overview of GoDaddy and what you can expect when using this service.

GoDaddy and Web Hosting – An Industry Player

GoDaddy has been a prominent player in the web hosting industry. Over the years, it has been able to gather over 13 million customers due to its consistent customer care and its expansive domain name registrar. Those who join GoDaddy can expect many features, but above all, high-quality web hosting at a fair price is the most applicable.

How GoDaddy’s Web Hosting Works

To determine whether a web hosting service is compatible with your website, its important to understand how a particular service works. Once you purchase a hosting plan with GoDaddy, your website is then stored on their servicer in a unique DNS. The DNS server allows people worldwide to access your website and view it. After you’ve settled the preliminary requirements, you may also consider the type of web hosting package you are using. The packages that GoDaddy offers will be available in more detail below.

Keep in mind, those who are interested in purchasing web hosting through GoDaddy are required to use either Linux or windows hosting. Both systems are good, just the choice you make depends upon the purpose of your website. All-in-all, one prime feature of GoDaddy is that it provides you with consistent quality services and customer support throughout the entire process. If there is an issue, you can reach out their customer support staff and get your questions answered nearly immediately.

Dashboard Options

Using a web hosting service isn’t always easy. Some services have a confusing control panel and dashboard, making your entire experience much more frustrating that necessary. Fortunately, GoDaddy strives to bring you extremely functional features when it comes to the control panel.

GoDaddy utilizes cPanel version 11.40.1, which is very simple to use.

Everything is based on visual context, so just by looking at the panel, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, the panel is available to all users, regardless of their plan.

It is important to mention though, that while all have the control panel available to them, not every plan has all of the advanced features that are available to others on the control panel. For example, the Economy Plan has much fewer features than the premium plan.

The only disadvantage in regards to the control panel is that it can take some time for your control panel features to appear, if you do make changes. Usually, the standard timeframe is 24 hours.

A Secure System

GoDaddy is one of the most highly rated companies in terms of security. Also, unlike other web hosting servers, GoDaddy doesn’t disclose the economy plan from basic security features just because it is at the most basic level.

Those who are part of the economy plan can expect spam detection for email accounts and shell detection. With these features, and others if you have a premium account, you can feel secure that your website is on a secure and manageable host.

Very WordPress Friendly

These days, millions of people are turning to WordPress for their website development. GoDaddy recognizes this and tries to make the transition easier for you, if you have a WordPress account.

Those with WordPress accounts will find that GoDaddy provides auto-install of the program. When installing the program, you’ll also find that all of the necessary security features are in-tact.

Therefore, at the end of the day, this means less work for you and an easier time getting your WordPress site set up through GoDaddy’s web hosting server.

Extremely Infrequent Downtime

Downtime is a serious concern for most website owners, especially when it comes to choosing a web hosting services that they unfamiliar with.

When it comes to GoDaddy, you don’t need to worry about downtime because with this web hosting service, your website is going to be online 99.9% of the time, guaranteed by them.

The one percent difference is due to mishaps and other unforeseeable issues that may arise. But generally, GoDaddy is right up there with the best of services.

The Pricing Plan

It’s time to talk pricing, but you’ll like what you’re about to read – so carry on.

The Economy Plan ($4.99/mo.)

The economy plan is ideal for individuals who are just getting started in terms of getting their own website launched. With the economy plan, you can build 1 website and get 100GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email addresses, a free domain with an annual plan, and the option to register for the site backup and restore, which is a paid option.

Deluxe Plan ($5.99/mo.)

With the deluxe plan, you have available to you unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and 500 email addresses. This plan also comes with a free domain when you purchase an annual plan. Lastly, there is also site backup and restore if you opt for the paid option.

Ultimate Plan ($7.99/mo.)

Lastly, the ultimate plan is extremely extensive. With this plan, you have unlimited website, storage, bandwidth, 1,000 email addresses, free domain with an annual plan, site backup and restore as a paid option, 2X processing and power with an Linux and cPanel, Premium DNS, 1-year SSL and certificate to secure customer data and increase search rankings.

The plan of your choice is going to depend on your needs. Ultimate plans are more widely used for business purposes and individuals who are looking at the entrepreneurial side of website design and management.


Overall, GoDaddy is a prime option for either those who are starting out or who are highly experienced in website development. When it comes down to it, GoDaddy offers customers a prime web hosting experience with few issues and consistent customer support whenever necessary.

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