DMCA Notice

What is the DMCA?

The DMCA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This stands for a number of laws related to the digital copyright of online content. This includes coverage for text, articles, images, videos and other online content typically found in a website.

The DMCA aims to protect the rightful owners of digital content from copyright infringement. Usually, only published papers like books, magazines, newspaper articles are subject to copyright infringement but since most of our data now is online, we need something similar that covers digital content.

If in case you believe that one or more of your copyrighted content is being used without your consent in this site, you may file a DMCA notice to our team. Just send the properly written DMCA notice to

Why do you need to give notice?

You need to give the website notice so that we can take down any copyrighted content from our sites. Simply complaining online does not help since for you to be able to take action, you need to provide the service provider with proof that the content is indeed yours.

Information you need in a DMCA notice

Here’s the information that you need to include in your DMCA notice so that we can minimize the back and forth of emails. This will help settle the issue faster, too, so we both save time and effort.

• Electronic or digital signature of the claimant, included in your DMCA notice or letter
• Proper identification of the copyrighted content
• Original link where the original copyrighted content can be found
• Link in question which holds the content being questioned
• Updated contact information – email, mailing address and mobile phone number
• A statement saying that your complaint is accurate and you are covered by the rules of perjury

To help you further, we have a sample take down letter below. You are free to use this as a template and just fill in with your details accordingly.

Sample DMCA take down letter

I am , representing . I am writing to inform you that at least one of our copyrighted content is being used without my permission in your website.

Our copy of the content may be found at <insert original URL> while the unauthorized copy can be found in your domain, in this location <insert infringing URL>.

I would like to request for the immediate removal of the said content and request your team to cease using this content for future posts. This letter is in accordance with the DMCA law, section 512(c).

This letter is being written and sent in good faith that this copyright infringement issue will be resolved at the soonest possible time. Under the penalty of perjury, I certify that all the information in this letter is accurate and I have the authority to send this notification on behalf of the owner of the copyrighted content involved.

Thank you and we are hoping for the speedy resolution of this issue.


<insert your name>
Address, City, State and Zip code
Phone number
Mobile phone number
Email address

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