Cloud hosting vs dedicated server

Reliabity of a hosting service is what most business owners really care the most. When putting up a business online, they want to make sure that their data are protected and secured. Why is this so important? Because the files and or data in the website is very crucial in their business be it any type of business. Data loss would lead to sales declining or worse it would lead to closure of the store.
Considering this you have to choose the best server hosting service that would not compromise the security of your data. What is the best option? This is the question that is usually brought up. People would want to know what server they should use for their web hosting solution.
There are two dominant type of hosting today that vie in terms of data protection: the cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

What is cloud hosting?

Online marketing is an effective tool to gain customers and in order for you to retain them is to always make all the information they need available and accessible. Cloud hosting introduces an innovative way of backing up data in a server. For so long, business owners have been relying to traditional way of organizing data ranging from inventories, clients’ contacts to sales reports, etc. They make use of a physical piece of equipment placed in an office which serves as its server. From that server you will find all the content in their website. Far different from this type of server, cloud hosting allows the client to back all his data especially the important ones up on a virtual server in the cloud.
What are the advantages of cloud hosting? There are many advantages that come along with cloud server which is why it is gaining popularity. Here are the business benefits of the cloud hosting:


  •  For most business owners, convenience is a major concern. When you are a person who loves to travel from one place to another as part of your business transactions you would want to access your site wherever you are. Cloud hosting lets you do it.
  •  You can also add more servers which enables endless capability.
  •  It allows you to access applications and services over the internet as needed.


  •  As long as you have a portable device that becomes terminal for your business.


  •  The data is regularly backed up. To further guarantee protection, it is even copied or replicated to a second site.


  •  Since your website is hosted by a virtual server so there is no threat of shutting down. Unlike premise-based server that is at the mercy of local power supply. This feature enables you to keep running round-the-clock.
  •  In the event that a calamity would strike cloud hosting is safe. Earthquake, flood or other disasters will affect your website. On the other hand a physical server sitting an office is always at risk and vulnerable to destructions.


  •  Software updates are done automatically so there is no need for you to sit for a couple of hours and wait for the software installation process when you do it on your own.

The loss of business data which is usually caused by disasters is what would turn your customers off. Remember, trust is something that you should establish. In the perspective of a customer, there is nothing worse than having to sign-in in your site and then eventually encounter problems without immediate solutions. Trust is difficult to rebuild so does the credibility of your company.
The other type of hosting is dedicated hosting. Before, there are only few servers that were available. Those servers were hosting many websites. This means that you are running your website along with other website in a single server. Now, this is not the case anymore. Business owners have the choice to have their own separate server.

What are the advantages of dedicated server?

  •  Because you own all the resources you can have higher level of page requests.
  •  Faster loading that allows your customer to visit your site with no issues.
  •  Secured from hacking.

These are just major benefits of dedicated server but it is much expensive since you are buying a server box that which you may not entirely be able to use. The fact that you want to get your own server it means that you should be ready to pay for it. As that may be the case for dedicated server, with cloud server the cost of having a server box is vanished. The cloud also helps you the life of computers allowing you to get rid of additional expenses for computer repairs of purchase. While both promise to be secure and reliable they vary in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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