10 Popular Cloud Hosting Companies

Nobody wants anything bad when it comes to buying whatever products or services. Especially, when you are into the market of hosting industry, wherein people with sites, looks for help on the management. As lots of web hosts and cloud hosts exist nowadays, it is important to be aware of what are the best for your websites.
Moreover, knowing what is the cloud host company that can give you the services on your standard is a most to make your site work at its best, too. Cloud hosting offers lots of goods for you, but consider from what company you should buy these goods.

What is a Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting becomes popular these past few years because of its different services offered. The “Divide and Rule” is the main idea and concept of cloud hosting which is a requirement in maintaining your website. Cloud Hosting companies have virtual servers that pulled up a technology that can help you have a cloud computing system, which can let multiple numbers of machine works at the same time, like working as one system.
The security of a cloud host is different from other hosting solutions. Thus, many servers guarantee the assurance of the safety on cloud hosting. Also, the technology that is used in cloud lets the clients to have a simple integration of resources like RAM and the space on disk, including the rapid growth of the website.

What are the top ranks Cloud Hosting Companies?

Of course, talking about the best, there is really the top rank cloud hosting companies you could pick from. The cloud hosts listed below are not in order. Based on surveys, the following are the top companies on cloud hosting:

  •  Salesforce.com – known to be the biggest CSP that was published held in public. This cloud host now is said to have 1,800 application partners in the industry.
  •  Amazon.com – provides their clients with a balanced infrastructure that can be a benefit in gaining every quarter a momentum.
  •  Microsoft.com – is on expansion of the 365 program that allows their partners to manage the end billing of their clients, and also their pricing.
  •  Oracle.com –has a strategy called as the “run anywhere” which allows their clients to have leverage on company’s software.
  •  Google.com – have more than 6000 channels as their partners in the industry which supports the business with Google applications.
  •  Sap.com – have fast growing revenues and has a software enterprise which is known to be on premises.
  •  Softlayer.com –is said to be very huge in the US as a private cloud services provider, and has a platform that can immediately link their customers and partners.
  •  Terremark.com –popular in two continents namely, North America and the other one is Europe. They expanded their services in both areas in the year 2013 and now oozing with amazing services.
  •  Rackspace.com – grows fast and creates higher revenues for years, and has executive channels that pair them.
  •  Netsuite.com –an ERP cloud based which continues its rapid growth, and is also enjoying its partner channels in the industry.

How to choose a good Cloud Host Service Provider?

As lots of cloud hosting company exists, they still offer the same services to people. However, they have different standards on how to stand out and win the interest of their targets, the same with the clients who have different criteria in choosing a good cloud host company, which they think is the best for their site.
It is not a question why do best cloud hosting companies know what is the primary need of their customers. In fact, knowing about those are said to be an advantage for them to win lots of prospect. Such as enhancing their support team to be deliberately fast in giving approach to clients can give them good feedbacks.
Talking about support, in choosing a good cloud host to buy, you should be ensured with the technical support that can help you anytime you need. Then, you should consider the scalability as the most important aspect in terms of cloud computing, which can be expanded in the future.
The CPU power and the storage infrastructure should also be considered as a factor. These things will also work with you and your site. So make sure that if you will buy a cloud host, you can have a good deal with it. The most important thing in buying a cloud host to help you is when it meets your need and gives you the best value and quality.

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosts?

Buying a host is surely got one reason. Definitely, to take the benefit of the product is the first answer for the why. If you would buy a cloud host, you can have the following to enjoy:

  •  No repetition of failures
  •  Advantage of website rapid growth
  •  Affordable prices
  •  Repetitive data storage
  •  Servers with guarantee on use
  •  Multiple performance of machine

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