Top Ten Useful Android Apps for 2014

Android apps are not mere decorations in your android device they give your information like locations and weather. In addition, they provide additional functionalities to your device on music, videos, or camera. Thus, it is best that check what are these useful apps that your android device needs to improve its performance.



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Considered the fastest app for image gallery, this app also has an improved feature that you may need like slideshows, batch operations, and sorting. Moreso, this app has an excellent image itself. Amazingly, it’s free and only requires android 2.0 or higher.

Seesmic Pro

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If you wanted to manage all you social networking accounts using one application, then this app is for you. It features include well-designed and clean interface. In fact, most people consider this as Twitter best client because of its uncluttered, nifty, and intuitive features.

Tinfoil for Facebook

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Basically, this app is a mobile app for Facebook launch from a secured browser to provide higher protection and privacy. This app also stops Facebook from keeping track of your browsing practice. The good news is that this one performed faster and is way more stable the Facebook itself.

Opera Mobile

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 One of the best things about this app is the fact that this mobile browser consumes low data compare from other mobile browsers. Its free and requires only android 1.6 or higher.

Dolphin Browser


This is considered the best alternative especially when you don’t have Chrome installed in your device yet. Dolphin browser comes with tabbed browsing and add-ons that can be downloaded to get extra features. In addition, it has gesture controls for usual tasks like bookmarking.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar

 This is an excellent calendar replacement of Google Calendar. It has an improved interface, several options, and can be sync with your Google data.

TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster for Twitter

 This app is recommended to average up to advanced Twitter users. Although beginners might find this app a bit confusing and even overwhelming, still it is an excellent app that will let you know how things are done in Twitter.

Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter.

 This app can keep the most avid user of Twitter satisfied because of its wide array of features and of course the ease of use. It has a fluid and well-designed interface that makes it a great contender to be considered by all Twitter users.

Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm

 An excellent alarm clock that you can customize. It has great features of puzzles and pre-alarms that you will need to solve before turning it off.



 An app that is simple, minimalist, and beautiful that is recommended for single account users. It comes with excellent labeling for colors that helps in organizing your timeline.


Using any of the above list of the top ten useful android app this 2014 will create a significant contribution in the ease of use and in enhancing the functionalities of your android devices. You can get one or you can get them all for your enjoyment. Your choice.



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