Why Large Images Make Website Backgrounds More Effective

There are a lot of ways to design a website. It’s the reason why every website is unique from each other. Some use creative elements like ribbons, banners, circles, and others; while some use distinct layouts like grids, minimal layouts, magazine layouts, and more. Some websites have colorful web designs, monochromatic designs, or black and white designs. Some use different backgrounds to enhance the appeal of their site. Website backgrounds also come in a variety of textures, patterns, and even large images.

Using large pictures can bring your website into a higher level of beauty. With the right choice of image, it can surely make your site distinct and impressive. In today’s post, we’ll give you some good reasons why large images can make website backgrounds more effective.

Adds More Visual Appeal

When it comes to websites, the appearance matters a lot because most people would consider the look first before anything else. It’s the web design that visitors get to see first, after all. Using large images in websites can add more visual aesthetics. Whether or not it’s colorful, it can make the site attain a higher level of aesthetics. Just make sure that the image(s) you use are high in quality and suits your site’s theme.

Delivers the Message Instantly

It’s a great advantage on your part if visitors can immediately understand the message you want to convey. Since large pictures can be seen instantly, it would be the first thing they’ll notice.  Because of this, you’ll find it extremely easy to give a message to them even if they haven’t read the content yet. The image you use should perfectly show the information you wish to convey to your readers. For that reason, you need to be smart in choosing the image you’re going to use for the background.

Tells What the Website is All About

Apart from giving an instant message, large images can also tell visitors what your website is all about. If it talks about animals, a huge photo of an animal can be seen. There would be a different image if the site is about design, nature, or other subjects. The image used should be able to tell viewers the kind of site or blog you’re running. Pick out an image that can seamlessly represent your site’s theme and topic.

Draws in Readers

If you have a unique design, you can definitely grab the attention of readers. Upon seeing a big picture, they would wonder what it’s for. So instead of jumping to other websites at once, they would first try to know why such an image is used; leading them to read your site’s content. If they like what they’re reading, there’s a great chance for them to return to your site.

Makes the Website Look More Interesting

Everyone wants to have an interesting website that piques everyone’s curiosity and encourages people to read the site. But some readers would only be attracted to a site when it looks interesting. With that in mind, you’ll be able to guide your readers into important parts of your website. They’ll be curious and interested enough to know more about the large image they’re seeing.

Represents Contents Visually

Using large images can also tell what the contents of your site are. Since a photo can deliver a lot of messages, it can tell stories that can be seen in your site’s content. Looking at the image background could give visitors the idea as to what the contents are. They can even decide if they want to continue reading or just push the Back button. If you successfully select the perfect image that can be intriguing and interesting, you can entice your visitors to read your site.

Highlights Important Texts

Using large images for your background can also be an advantage as it can emphasize important texts in your website. Of course, in a large background, you can easily see the little things fronting it. This would make it easier for readers to see words that you want them to read and understand even for just a few seconds. In placing text above a large image, make sure to pick a color that would be readable. You can also use strokes or text linings that will make the text more visible. You can also opt to use transparent background behind the text.

Shows Off Your Products

A smart way of promoting your product is by using a large image of it as the website’s background. This way, potential clients can easily see what you’re offering and how good it really is. They can have a better view of your merchandise because of the large image.

Gives Room for Unique Navigation

By creatively using large images as backgrounds, you can also create unique navigation. You can do away with the visual navigation in various creative manners you want.

Allows Visitors to Examine the Site Further

Since the background is spread in the entire screen, it allows readers’ eyes to dig deeper into the site. It lets them see important parts of the site, including navigation buttons that’ll bring them to more informative images. It directs the eyes not just to one aspect of the design, but the entire website itself.

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