What knowledge and skills do I need to become a reseller?

Web hosting is definitely one of the most popular internet businesses today. There are many businesses today that are seeking a hosting firm to help them with their online data content storage and run their websites 24/7. Without a hosting firm, there is a big chance that online business sites will malfunction and less likely to be up on the web. And the less online presence a business has the less chance of business growth and sales.
That is why many website owners are turning to web hosting services to make sure that their sites are running round-the-clock. But website owners are not only the ones who are profiting from this trade. There are other people who make money out of co-hosting their accounts to other web user. These people are known as resellers.

What is a web hosting reseller?

Web hosting resellers are users who have an account on some web hosting firms and share their allotted bandwidth and drive storage space to other parties for profit. The third parties ‘rent’ these services and space to the reseller. On the other hand, the resellers are the ones paying the whole renting services to the mother hosting firm.
The resellers are also the ones who manage the clients’ access and the set up of the clients’ accounts housed on their hosting server. Potential resellers can choose between the two server options:

  •  VPS hosting. Also known as the Virtual Private Hosting Plan. This hosting is ideal for those who are starting in the business of web hosting. VPS plan is a part of a dedicated server, but they are functioning the same way. Although it comes with limited features, it can be a good startup package until the time comes that the user will upgrade to a better hosting package.
  •  Dedicated hosting. The user rent of lease entire server and has full control of the system. But the data center who leased the server to the user is the one managing and maintaining the server.
  •  Reseller hosting. This package is intended for resellers. Web hosting companies created this package for would-be resellers. Aside from the data storage service, it includes a couple of services to aid the reseller.

The plus side of being a web hosting reseller

Aside from earning some cash on the side, there are a number of advantages of sharing your hosting account with others. If you are maintaining a website, it can be cost-efficient for you as you will have a couple of users to share the rent of the hosting firm. Maintaining a site can drain your resources, especially if you are just starting. By getting some people to rent, you can earn and save at the same time.
Being a reseller is a job that you can do at home. Like a virtual office, you don’t need a physical space to do this job. All you need to have is a full functioning laptop and an internet connection to manage your account and your clients. And since you are getting the services of a hosting firm, you don’t need to set up a server to house the data of your clients.
Most hosting firms today offer a very attractive reseller packages for potential resellers. These packages have a lot of features than the basic hosting packages that they offer. This includes access to Cpanel and other programs for effective site and client management.
Skills and knowledge required for this kind of job.

  •  Knowledge in web hosting. It is important that the user has prior knowledge of web hosting, domain services and its components. Knowing the rudiments of web hosting can help you when you are leasing or renting your server to other users. Look into the full scope of web hosting module like the data storage, the bandwidth, the features associated with it.
  •  Knowledge in web development and web design. Some web hosting companies offered services for web development and design. If the user knows a thing or two about web development, they will have an idea of how much space does each client will take depending on the website’s design, the content management platforms, the programs, plug-ins and extensions in their website. It can also help you to create an e-commerce site to sell your own web hosting services.
  •  Hardware and software knowledge. Web hosting needs a couple of hardware and software programs. It would be best to know what are programs associated with web hosting. Knowledge in hardware and software can help you choose the best web hosting firm when you decide to venture into this industry.
  •  Skills in marketing and advertising. To be a reseller, you should know how to market your web hosting services and space to clients. Make a very good pitch on future clients and sell the features of your services. Using different social media platforms can also help you as a reseller.

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