What features should I look for in a VPS hosting provider?

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS hosting is a type of hosting service that can bridges the gap between shared hosting solutions and dedicated hosting solutions. In fact, it can be aptly described as a hybrid between both hosting solutions. The reason for this description is because VPS hosting shares the basic characteristics of both hosting solutions. Like a shared hosting service, the VPS allows a number of websites to reside and share the resources of a single server while like a dedicated server hosting service, each virtual server is dedicated for one website alone and allows each website to function independently from one another, even to the point of having each own operating system. Although its set-up is like that of a shared hosting environment as it is housed in a single machine, it allows users the use of far more resources. As each server operates independently from the others while co-existing in the same computer, clients can exercise full control over their server space including the decision of the operating platform and applications to use.

What features should I look for in a VPS hosting provider?

Before you make the big move of signing up with VPS hosting for your website, it is very important that you make a thorough background check of your preferred VPS host. Most hosting providers offer packages with features that are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. Together with their packages are their terms of service and the conditions as well as special plans and perks that sometimes make a big difference between hosting companies.
To aid you in your background check and to make sure that you choose the best VPS hosting provider for your website, here are a few important must-have features that a VPS hosting provider should have:

  •  The first feature that you need to look out for is service reliability. Choose a VPS hosting plan that comes with a good track record of uptime guarantee.
  •  Next, look for a VPS hosting plan that has free server security and hardware replacement.
  •  Another feature that you need to look for is the management controls or applications that should provide you with ease in managing your server. Among these features to look out for are Quick controls, Easy upgrade, web control center, Quick deployment, and integrated support.
  •  Another salient feature to look out for is the machine’s operating system The OS should be top-of-the-line and must be reflected in all the partitioned machines.
  •  Take careful note of the plan’s storage space, CPU and RAM. These must be sizeable enough to serve your website’s needs.
  •  Also, take careful note of the provider’s maintenance program as well as its technical support as these are vital in the future operation of your server.
  •  Most of all look for VPS hosting services that offer a reasonable price. Make sure to compare prices between different hosting providers to have a general idea of how much a VPS hosting plan costs.
  •  Another must-have feature is the plan’s customizability, giving you room to easily customize your server to meet your needs.

What should I need to consider in choosing a good VPS hosting service?

Choosing the best VPS hosting service for your website is not as easy as picking a name of a hosting provider from among a list. This task is made more complicated due to the presence of a good number of hosting providers in the market today that offers VPS hosting service. To help you in choosing a good VPS plan, you need to consider the following aspects listed below:

  •  The first thing that you need to consider if the type of VPS hosting that you want for your server. It is important to remember that most VPS providers offer three VPS hosting types: the basic, also known as unmanaged; partially managed; and the fully managed. Different types mean different levels of support from the provider at different price levels.
  •  Another thing that you need to consider is the VPS hosting plan price. Prices of plans and packages differ, depending upon the hosting provider and according to the features of the plans they offer. The rule should be to look for a plan that meets your needs and see to it that it offers the most value for your money. It may be cheap but it lacks the features that are essential for your business or it could be too expensive way beyond your budget.
  •  The third aspect that should be given consideration is the hosting features. Carefully study the important features that hosting plans offer. Take special note of those that could greatly affect your websites performance such as bandwidth, disk space, control panels, CPU, RAM, uptime guarantee and backup features.

Is VPS hosting a good choice for my website?

Being able to provide its clients with the best that shared hosting and dedicated hosting brings is reason enough to say that VPS could be a very good choice for a website. However, this choice ultimately depends upon the purpose and nature of the website that is to be hosted. If the demand for power and resources of your website is not too heavy and if you are not yet ready to invest a considerable amount of money for your website yet needs the independence and control of a “server of your own” then, VPS hosting is highly recommended for you.

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