Freelance Designer: 5 Ways to Make Passive Income

Every day, more and more freelance designers are looking for ways to earn more money than their usual client work or full-time job.

A freelancer’s true weapon is his total freedom in managing his time and work. That can be put to good use to diversify the income streams. There are lots of ways to earn money, especially on the Internet.In today’s post, we’ll discuss 5 ways to earn passive income from being a freelance designer. Some of these methods may require you to work outside your comfort zone, but they’re great ways to help you improve your craft, reflect on your skills as a designer, pick out your strengths and weaknesses, and use them to increase your income pool.

So without further ado, here are 5 ways to make extra income as a freelance designer.

Side Project

Side projects are usually small tools, utilities, products, services, and memberships that help you solve or make a task easier for you and the target community. You can earn from a dozen of bucks to hundreds of dollars, depending on the popularity of the tool. This doesn’t include services and products because they vary from one to another in their income.

Selling Stock Graphics

This has been quite popular in the previous year, and it still is. Selling stock graphics on various markets may not sound like an easy task, but a lot of designers actually earn a decent income by working on their own products and putting them up for sale. There are various ways of selling them. You can choose between a marketplace or on your own Web store. And remember, whether you can code or not, creating a Web store isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can unleash your creativity and create whatever sort of file you’d like.

There are various stock items that you can put up for sale. The most popular ones include, but are not limited to icon sets, Photoshop filters, web layouts, fonts – pretty much anything that you have expertise in creating will do the trick.

Here are some websites that can help you get started:

Joining Design Contests

Design contest websites have been around for quite some time now, and a lot of freelance designers have gotten their start from there. Websites such as 99Designs, for example, will pay you well for your work, starting at $199 for a postcard or flyer, $249 for a logo design, and $599 for a website design.

The upside to this is that there’s always work to do. Hundreds of projects are set as open and you’ll never run out of opportunities to earn a few bucks for a design piece. But the downside is that there are thousands of others like you who are hunting for the same bounty, so it’s important for you to leave a strong impression to the contest creator and show that your work is the best of the best. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your precious time on a project that you’ll never get paid for.


Your Own Blog

Writing about your experiences or about topics you’re interested in or have a background in, and sharing it with other people is a great way to create a cash flow-in. Given the right skills, you can also provide how-to’s or tutorials which are on-demand in blogs that publish them regularly.

You can find a lot of useful tools on the Internet so you can get your own design blog up and running in no time, regardless of whether you have coding skills or not.

There are various ways for you to earn money once you start running your own blog, but the most common is the ads that you can display on your site. With lots of pay-per-view and pay-per-lead advertising systems these days, you won’t have a hard time looking for the perfect network to work with, especially if you have high-quality content.

Guest Posts on Blogs

A lot of big-name design blogs will be happy to pay you a good buck for high-quality articles, and sometimes, even more for well-written tutorials. The payment could range from a couple of bucks to a few hundreds, depending on some factors.

Guest posting on various blogs is an excellent way to generate extra income, but the effort you put in must be just as high.

Your Own Book/eBook

A lot of designers have proven that eBooks are a great source of income. For example, notable designer Sacha Grief reported an income of $40,000 for his latest eBook in just a few months after his work was published, while Nathan Berry earned over $28,000 for his latest eBook in the first day alone!

There are a lot of ways for you to get your book out. You can try Amazon Publishing Services if you want to publish a printed version of your book, or try out services like eJunkie for your eBook.

Physical Goods

One good way to build a steady stream of extra income, which has been quite popular for some time now, is selling physical goods like t-shirts, posters, pins, mugs, and other similar items. There are a lot of creative people out there who continue to revamp their wardrobe and walls with cool and strange things, so take this to your advantage!

We have seen a lot of companies and freelancers who succeeded at selling their stuff to the masses, and oftentimes, they end up building a massive shop to cater to the demand. The possibilities are endless!

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