Effective Ways for Designers to Attract More Clients

As a graphic designer or web designer, you’ll want know the efficient ways to obtain some freelance projects. We completely understand what you’re looking for, that’s why we’ve rounded up some sure-fire ways for you to achieve your goals as a designer.

By sharing you these techniques, we don’t claim to hand you a magic wand that you can use to start getting projects right away. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come to you overnight; it’s a long process that requires patience, time and effort (and possibly money) on your part, as well as proper decision-making and a dash of creativity.

Depending on your capabilities, skills, and eagerness to be successful in your chosen career, you may try these methods and find out which ones will fit you best.


Create a Website or Blog

Start by establishing a portal to showcase your skills, talents, and works. An online portfolio will help you increase your web presence and will let people know that you’re here and you’re willing to work for/with them. This can be a website or a blog that you can run personally or with a group of like-minded individuals. You can also opt to hire a professional to do the work for you effectively.


Connect with People in Various Social Networking Sites and Forums

Socializing, that is, talking about your work and all that you can do, is always a good option. You can connect with people through various social networking sites and online communities, such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, among many others. When networking, you’re coming into contact with professionals, so remember to give and take; that is, both parties have to help each other with professional links and resources.


Ask for Referrals

If your clients are happy, make sure to ask them for referrals. Remember that most people usually have friends or co-workers who have similar needs, so if one person recently hired you and was satisfied with your work, he/she will most likely refer you to others and hopefully, will also like your work and refer you to more people. People take their friends’ words for it quite seriously, so always ask to be referred.


Take Advantage of the Latest Trends

With social media marketing being one of the latest craze to hit the World Wide Web, having your own portfolio on your blog or site won’t be enough. Why not create your own Facebook page, as well? This will give the people what they want, and you can even post updates and upload your works there. Your core objective is to attract more clients and let people know of your work, so the more popularity you gain, the more potential clients you can draw in.


Establish a Good Reputation

Your reputation can make you or break you. If you’re working on a project for a client, make sure not to miss a deadline that has been assigned to you. The better reputation you can build for yourself, the more projects you’ll get. It’s highly unprofessional for a person to miss a deadline. Work that you’ve already agreed to on a set period of time should be completed by the date. It’s even better if you can do it before the due date, but remember not to sacrifice the quality!


Avoid Distractions

If you’re a freelance designer, you know you are your own boss. However, managing your own time and keeping away from distractions can be a little difficult, especially when you have plenty of time in your hands and there’s no one else to boss you around.

Freelancing isn’t a joke and it’s not the easiest thing to do. You need to be responsible and you need to keep yourself on your toes to get the best out of your own skills.


Be Assertive and Approach Potential Clients

Potential clients don’t come to you likes bees would a flower, so learn to be assertive, determine your target market, and approach potential clients. These potential clients can be local businesses that you think may need your services. You can tell them of all the improvements you can bring in to their company or project.

Think of yourself as a salesman who’s trying to hit a sales quota by going door-to-door. You may encounter a lot of rejection and disheartening response along the way, but chances are you may be able to expand your client base.


Reach Out to Press Houses and Other Creative Agencies

Press houses and creative agencies are known to hire freelance designers to transfer or outsource their workload to. Now of course you’d want to increase your own client base, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and these firms often pay well.


Think Out of the Box and Be Receptive to New Ideas and Concepts

Learning is a never-ending journey, and opening yourself to new ideas is one of the most effective ways of getting new projects. If you think out of the box, challenge yourself, and equip yourself with all the latest techniques that are available for designers, you can prove yourself to be the best in the crowd and in turn, get a lot of work. Learning and keeping yourself in-the-know are the smartest ways to keep the cash flowing.

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