Does WebHostingHub Put Ads on Their Client’s Websites?

Why do hosting companies put ads on their client’s websites?

Generally, hosting companies who does allow advertisements to be posted on their client’s websites or who themselves put ads on their clients websites are those companies that provide free hosting plans. Free hosting plans are hosting packages that can be used by clients to host their websites, free of charge. However, being allowed to use the hosting package for free means that the user is subject to the conditions set by the service provider. Among these conditions are that the free hosting package lacks the features and applications that are bundled with their paid hosting plans as well as the condition that the site will be posted with ads.

The common reason why pop-ups and inserts are found in most free hosted sites is that the proceeds from these ads are used for the upkeep of the hosted site. It is for this very reason why paid sites, as a rule, do not have ads on their sites.

Does WebHostingHub put ads on my website?

Since you paid a monthly bill for the services you received from WebHostingHub, it is for certain that WebHostingHub will never place an advertisement on you site. While other hosting companies may put ads on their paid hosting packages, WebHostingHub is certainly an exemption. You may have seen an ad on your website, which is actually the default page, when you first signed up but the ad will only stay there until you place your own files in your account. Once you start placing your own content in your website, the company’s default page will be replaced with your own content.

The only ad that you will find in your website, once it is up and running, are those ads that you may have placed yourself. This ad, if you wish to put one yourself, is totally upon your discretion and control.

What do I get from my paid WebHostingHub account?

WebHostingHub offers only one hosting solution but is packed with powerful features and a lot of applications as part of their standard bundle. The package only differs on their billing cycle and of the cost of each cycle. The longer the term, the lower will the monthly bill be. However, as to their standard features, they are virtually the same. This is what you get when you subscribe to a WebHostingHub package to host your website:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Secure POP3/IMAP Email
  • SPAM Safe Protection
  • McAfee email Protection
  • 3 Web-Mail Clients that performs and works like Gmail
  • Auto-Responders
  • Email Forwarding
  • Email Anywhere that is mobile device compatible
  • Free Domain Registration or Transfer
  • 24/7/365 US-based Technical Support
  • 90 day Money Back Guarantee and a prorated anytime money back guarantee
  • Personal On-Boarding Process
  • More tools and templates to use in building your website from the Premium Site Builder
  • An easy to use yet feature rich control panel or cPanel
  • A free Backup Wizard
  • Shopping Carts like Zen Cart and CubeCart, OS Commerce
  • eCommerce tools like Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop
  • Blogging platforms like WordPress and b2evolution
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal and Moodle
  • Forum platforms like PHPBB and Simple Machines Forum
  • Photo Galleries like Gallery, Coppermine and 4images.

What other benefits do I get from WebHostingHub?

Aside from a 100% ad-free site and the powerful bundle of standard features, you will also get the following additional features and benefits:

  • You get to have access to an advanced security system with the suphp. This should give all webmasters the peace of mind they deserve with the knowledge that their website is protected and secure against any form of attack.
  • You get advertising credits that can be used on Yahoo!, Google Ad Words, and Bing. It is vital to post ads about your website in strategic locations to draw more attention and attract more visitors. The larger the attention you get, the more visitors you attract, the greater assurance for the success of your website.
  • You get to transfer your existing domain name, if you already have one, to your WebHostingHub account for free. You need not worry about transfer fees as the company will take care of the registration expenses for your first domain name with WebHostingHub.
  • While other hosting companies only give you access to a basic version of a site builder, WebHostingHub does otherwise for it gives you access to a premium site builder for no extra cost. Other companies require you to pay an extra cost to be able to access other more complex features of their site builder but with WebHostingHub you can access all the templates, themes, and tools of that you need or want to use in your website, all at no extra cost.

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