Does WebHostingHub Offer Website Backup?

Web hosting service providers offer almost the same features as each other. It is important to remember that these features, although essential, are not always enough. Sometimes, clients willseek for other features that could help their website in a particular way. Having a website requires constant account maintenance and monitoring.  WebHostingHub is one of the few web hosting service providers who supports the customer’s need to maintain and monitor their website on a daily basis. One of the unique features that WebHostingHub offers is an automated backup feature at a very reasonable price.

What is a website backup?

A website backup is the act of duplicating files with the purpose of preserving them in case of device failure or any other unexpected disasters. Backing up your files or databases from a website is essential as it assures the security of the information in your website.It also prevents you from losing important files from your site.

Why is backing up my website important?

Many unexpected malfunctions can happen with your website. The following are some of the reasons why having a website backup is important:

  •  It can provide you with full website restoration in case a disastrous server failure occurs. When server failure occurs, it causes different problems to the clients. Securing a copy of your website in any backup plan will make your life easier and more efficient when breakdowns like this happen.
  •  It gives you an extra copy of your files in case of hard drive failures. There is always a likelihood that your hard drive may malfunction. Backing up your website will be convenient in case this happens.
  •  It ensures you that you have a copy of all your valuable files in case you accidentally delete everything.
  •  It can protect you from hackers.
  •  It serves as your website’s protection against viruses.
  •  It prevents data loss during some upgrades. Data upgrades sometimes cause problems to websites. Backing up your site saves you a lot of time.

What are the ways to back up my website?

  •  Manually backup all your files.This can be done by storing all your data on CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives, and etc.
  •  Use an automated online service. Like WebHostingHub, other web hosting service providers also offers backup plans. If you want your website to be secured, this is a good way to do that.
  •  Use a backup plugin. Some backup plugins are more expensive than others. These plugins can easily store away information from your database.
  •  Use an Internet backup. If you upload a copy of your files on any online storage systems, you can easily download them in case your whole system crashes. The only downside in using an Internet backup is that online storage systems usually have a small disk space.

How do I make a backup of my website?

In backing up your website that used HTML as its medium, you should first copy all the files from your website. To download these files, you need a File Transfer Protocol program. This program is downloadable for free in the web. You need to install the FTP on your computer. After that, you must obtain the details regarding your hostname, username, and password from your web hosting service provider. From there, you can now easily get your files from your website.

If you are a WebHostingHub client, you have to do the following steps to back up your website:

  •  Login to your account. From there, you will see a website backup option on the main page.
  •  Open your control panel and go to “Backup Wizard”.
  •  Click “Backup” and “Full Backup”
  •  Type your email address if you wish to get notifications regarding the backup.
  •  Next, click “Generate Backup”.
  •  After the backup is finished, you can now go to the same page and download the latest version of your site.

What are the limits of the automated backup service offered by WebHostingHub?

If you have to undo changes or restore a website, you can use your local website backup if the data you need is not in your automated backup. If your website has been damaged and the damage is not immediately fixed, the automated backup may store damaged data in your backup, replacing the original ones. Since WebHostingHub only offers a single backup for their clients’ accounts, they cannot restore a backup from a particular date and time.

You must remember that the automated backup feature offered by WebhostingHub runs progressively every twenty four to thirty six hours only. This means that only one backup from that period of time is saved and stored. They only perform regular website backups on accounts containing less than 10 GB in size if they are willing to pay. For those accounts surpassing the limit, they do not offer any backup plan. If you want a more elaborate website backup, it is better if you maintain your own local backup.

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