Migrating from FatCow to WebHostingHub

Can I transfer website from FatCow to WebHostingHub?

If you already have a website that is hosted by FatCow and for whatever reason you want to transfer it to WebHostingHub, the Hub (short for WebHostingHub) would happily welcome you into their family and serve you. In fact, the company is one of the many hosting companies that supports and helps clients with the transfer process by offering a free website transfer service. To top it all, WebHostingHub assures its clients that their website will never experience any downtime during the whole transfer process with its assurance of their “no downtime transfer process” which should be an added benefit for clients who are after fast and reliable service.

Transferring your website from FatCow to WebHostingHub is a simple process and requires no technical knowledge. However, it may take some time for the whole process to fully complete but the process itself is no rocket science. The most common method of transferring your site is through downloading of your old files through the FTP and then uploading them into the WebHostingHub.

How can I transfer my website from FatCow to WebHostingHub?

Transferring your website from FatCow to WebHostingHub is quite simple and can be done with a few simple steps. The procedure is standard among hosting providers and should work efficiently when you transfer your website to WebHostingHub. The procedures are as follows:

  •  The first thing you need to do is to unlock your domain name. You see, when you register with FatCow, your domain is automatically locked to secure your website and all the files in it. To unlock it, you need to do the following:
  •  You need to login to the “DomainCentral”.
  •  Click on the domain you want to transfer to expand its settings.
  •  On the “Overview” tab, locate the “Security tab” and click it.
  •  Then click on the “Unlock Domain Privacy” button. Once clicked, a prompt should be pop-up informing you that your domain has been unlocked.
  •  Click the “Disable Domain Privacy” and again another pop-up should appear where you will see the word “Disabled” printed in red.
  • Then check your email in the “Contact” tab and make sure that it is still working.
  •  Having unlocked your domain, you now need to get your transfer authorization code. To get it, you need to make a request by clicking on the “Transfer” tab which can be found in the domain that you want to move. You need to click the “Send Auto-Info Code” button. Then check your email address to retrieve the transfer code.
  •  With the code ready, it is time to login to WebHostingHub. Once logged-in, immediately go to the site’s cPanel.
  • You need to click on the Add Existing Domain and then type your domain name and then hit the “Add” button.
  •  You should now see the new domain name on the list. Select it and try expanding it until you are in its domain settings dialogue page.
  •  Key-in the transfer authorization code that you retrieved earlier and then click “Transfer”.
  •  After clicking the Transfer button, check your email for a new set of instructions which you need to carefully follow.
  •  Once you’re done with the instructions, you should be free from FatCow and should be ready for the WebHostingHub experience.
  •  Do not forget to lock your domain name after the transfer is complete to protect your site from unauthorized access.

Why should I choose WebHostingHub?

There are a lot of considerations and reasons why people decide to switch hosts. These reasons vary from the most simple and common to those that could affect the future of the website and maybe, of the company itself. The reason why you should choose WebHostingHub from among the hundreds of hosting companies in the market today, the most basic answer is that WebHostingHub, though relatively young, is among the most recognized leaders in the hosting business today, especially when it comes to reliability and speed. It has received high commendations for its superb support services and for their ultra-fast servers, factors that are most sought after by webmasters. All these plus their feature-rich hosting package comes with a very competitive price, giving them the necessary edge over the other hosting companies.

What do I need to know before I start transferring my website?

There are some things, which are standard protocols of all hosting companies, that you need to know before you start transferring your website from FatCow to WebHostingHub, and it includes the following:

  •  That the whole transfer process could last to as long as 10 days;
  •  That you cannot make any changes to the who is information, meaning no more contact changes, no name servers/dns changes, once the transfer has started;
  •  That you cannot transfer an account that has not yet lapsed the 60-day period for newly created domains and 45-day period for renewed domains. If your domain applies to any of these two, it is highly recommended to wait for the period to lapse before you begin transfer.
  •  That this will only transfer the domain registration and will not, in any way, affect nor move your databases or your website files and emails.

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