iPagevDeck Control Panel Guide

iPagevDeck Control Panel Guide

when you have signed up with a webhost, and possibly even begun site building, you will have realized by now that all things go through the control panel (cPanel). Logging in to the control panel is important in identity verification and for ensuring the right person is logging in. cPanel usage then needs to be fully understood.

What is vDeck?

vDeck is technology utilized by iPage to manage their websites and servers. vDeck allows customers and iPage engineers to progress to a higher level of personalization and interaction to sites.

How do I use control panel?

The iPage control panel is compatible with the following browsers:

  •  Mozilla Firefox 3+
  •  Internet Explorer 8+
  •  Apple Safari 4+
  •  Google Chrome

When you log in to iPage’s control panel, there will be several categories specifically placed for easy navigation of what you might need. These four categories include: Website, Email, Domain, and Marketing Services.

What can I find under this category?

This category is where OSCommerce and WordPress can be found amongst others, namely: AcceptSafe, Archive Gateway, CGI and Scripted Language Support, Disk Usage, FTP, File Manager, Front Page Extensions, Google Services for Websites, MySQL Database, Secure Server, Server Information, ShopSite Starter, SimpleScripts, Site Back-ups and Restore, SiteLock, Visitor Statistics, Website Creator, Weebly Drag and Drop, and Wrodpress themes.

  •  In this category the site builders that can be utilized are the Website Creator and the Weebly Drag and Drop. Also, the advanced MySQL Database.
  •  Under Simple Scripts, tools may be accessed by the user for content management, e-commerce, live chat, mailing lists, photo galleries, product sourcing, project management, website design, wiki, back-ups, blogs, business tools, classifieds, client management, education, forms and surveys, forums, guest books, help center, RSS, security, social networking, statistics, utilities, and webmail.
  •  E-Mail – this category includes tools that aid users in setting up and managing their e-mail accounts.
  •  Mail central – this is used to create your custom e-mail account for a particular part of your site, if it is a big site e.g. forum@domainname.com, sipport@domainname.com etc.
  •  WebMail – provides the user with e-mail accessibility in order to review messages and send e-mails.
  •  Change Catch-All – a means by which cPanel can re-route any e-mails sent to your account through non-existent e-mail addresses.
  •  Mail Tool Setting – allows the user to manage every aspect of incoming and outgoing e-mail.
  •  Manage Spam Filter – lets user specify which messages go into spam.
  •  Domain – this category is what you use for any action that involves Domains.
  •  Domain Central – where existing domains are kept. Through this option, you can manage all your domains.
  •  Register Domains – for adding new domains, when registered, domains transfer to domain central.
  •  Registrar transfer – for migrating existing domains and sites into iPage.
  •  Marketing Services – this is the category that can help you get known and increase your rankings with search engines; here you will find iPage freebies included with your plan.
  •  Google Adwords – free $100 from iPage
  •  Yahoo and Bing Ad’s – free $25 from iPage
  •  Facebook Ad’s – free $50 from iPage.
  •  Here you will also find free Yellow Pages listings options, free toll-free phone number, and Google Webmaster tools.
  •  Account Information – this is the most important category where all your personal as well as domain information is kept.
  •  Account renewal – where the setting is for automatic or manual renewal, and where the reminder setting is for close to plan expiration warning.
  •  Add new account – for when a new account needs to be added into the server.
  •  Billing central – where the user can create receipts or invoices for his customers. Also where former renewal and add-on purchase receipts are stored.
  •  Change account into – for when the user wants to transfer a domain in to someone else’s name. Also for this option are: Change e-mail address, and change password.
  •  Manage subscriptions – for any add on’s or purchased marketing installations.
  •  Set security question – for the increased security of your site.
  •  Site profile – to check if all information is correct.
  •  Update credit card information – if the user wants to use a new credit card for domain billing.
  • iPage makes it easy, with simple categories and specific sub-categories for your easy navigation of cPanel and the rest of your site. For an added ease of use, the have provided shortcuts to all these categories that can be found on the upper right side of your cPanel. These categories include:
  •  Edit website
  •  Edit e-mail
  •  Edit domains
  •  Edit passwords
  •  View my site
  •  Check my e-mail
  •  Check stats

Underneath this shortcut option will even be a ‘market place’ where you can see and browse through all the add-on’s and installations that iPage has to offer.

On the top right corner is a shortcut for support which can connect you to the knowledge base, tutorials, guides and iPage’s 24/7 support via telephone, chat, or e-mail.

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