10 Amazing One-Page HTML5 Websites to Draw Inspiration From

With Internet users bombarded with a lot of information, web designers and developers are constantly exploring new ways to deliver content. One-page sites are popular nowadays and are widely adopted that even some big-name brands use them to provide their clients and visitors with fast, clean, and simple user experience that’s effective and beautiful at the same time.

For the past few years, we’ve seen the trend towards one-page sites grow, thanks to the introduction of HTML5 and jQuery. With these new trends, it’s easy to build professional-looking sites with nifty effects and transitions.

In this article, we’re going to show you some amazing one-page HTML5 websites, from minimalistic designs and simple navigation to parallax scrolling. Enjoy!



D’Angelico Guitars

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D’Angelico Guitars is loved by many and remained popular until the 70s. Now, the legend comes back to life with their well-crafted HTML5 single-page site that makes great use of sound and parallax scrolling to take you through a musical journey.



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Looking at this one-page site, you just can’t imagine how much work has gone into creating it. It uses parallax scrolling and lots of cool transitions and graphic components that you won’t see on any other site. Simply stunning.


Pati & Felipe

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Pati and Felipe’s own little website is one for the romantics. It has to be the most unique way to confirm your attendance to a wedding. It features their love story as a couple. The site uses parallax scrolling, with some great animation and innovative photography.


Every Last Drop


Every Last Drop is an informative site that takes an in-depth look at how much water the average person consumes daily in the UK. It uses graphic elements and transitions to spark conversation on an important issue.


Laura Baffari

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Laura Baffari is a graphic designer who’s created her own stunning interactive online portfolio that uses horizontal scroll and touch swipe gesture for smartphones and tablets. Once you enter the site, you’ll see tiles displaying her works which can be scrolled through in any direction.


Von Dutch


Popular fashion label Von Dutch utilizes parallax scrolling to add a sense of movement to its story. Icons and images move in and out of place as you scroll down the page, providing a fluid experience.



marty . com

Designed by Twitter’s very own Design Manager, Martin Renglein, Marty.com is a unique one-page site. Use the arrows at the bottom to set the presentation slideshows in motion and see what he’s been up to since 1999. If you’re looking for inspiration for an original navigation, you should definitely check out this site.


Reverend Danger

Reverend Danger

Style-wise, Reverend Danger will remind you of Minecraft. The site uses a range of animation and CSS techniques to create a fun experience for visitors. It combines an interesting slider at the top where visitors can change the images from ‘reverend to danger’.


Trionn Design

Trionn Design

Award-winning design studio Trionn Design has created an amazing one-pager that uses parallax scrolling to make it easier for users to navigate through the site. It has a responsive design and uses eye-catching images to keep visitors engaged, and also incorporates some amazing CSS effects.


Nouvelle Skoda Octavia


Skoda Octavia’s new dedicated HTML5 website invites visitors to explore their site through an immersive animated experience. It’s a stunningly beautiful one-page website that uses parallax scrolling and a unique type of navigation to create an engaging user experience.

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