What to Do When Your Writer Quits

Before anything else, let’s set the record straight. If you’re a web guru or an eCommerce website owner who’s not exactly into writing, you’re in dire need of a good content writer for your business to succeed.

There are a lot of talented people out there that write wonderful content. But then, you also need to be wary of some dodgy writers who will take your money upfront through less than dignified means, then disappear out of thin air! That said, once you find the perfect freelance content writer, hold on to him or her as if your life depended on that person.

All the good ones are either booked solid for months or have moved on to more productive and profitable endeavors. Even talented freelance writers you can keep don’t remain content writers forever. Just like everything else in life, if someone is good at something, other opportunities will open for them to expand and broaden their horizons.

Unfortunately for you, you have little to no control over when your writer has to leave, and it’s almost always in some of the worst scenarios imaginable. You may be in the middle of a huge project or marketing campaign that just took off, or your readership in your blog suddenly sky-rocketed and you need a steady flow of content, next few week’s worth.  Suddenly, your most trusted writer goes up to you and says, “I’ve received a better job opportunity and I need to take my leave”. It’s probably the last and the worst possible thing you could hear at this very moment. So what should you do?



Take the Right Action

As the captain of your ship, it’s about time to take charge. But whatever you do, don’t panic! At this point, being anxious about things would not only be counterproductive, it also makes things that much worse. It’s not the end of the world until the deadline, which means there’s still time before the iceberg hits your ship! If you’re already in panic mode, get a hold of yourself before things get worse!

Once you’ve calmed down, the next thing you should do is to…


Look for a Suitable Replacement

New freelance writers are pouring into the Internet everyday and they’re more than willing to be of service. What’s more, the demand is still higher than the supply, so there’s sure to be one out there for you.

Stop worrying about getting one – just go and get one fast! Just be careful how you go about it, though. Weeding out the bad from the good is a critical process that you need to take into account.


They Might Just Be Closer to Home

If you don’t have enough time to meet new people or engage someone you can’t risk trusting, maybe you should consider speaking to a team mate or a family member. Or maybe you have a friend in the writing business? You’ll be surprised at how many people you know that write or know someone who writes, dreams of writing, or are already pursuing it. You can also get an inside look into the personality of a new writer, if he or she is someone you can back on for steady content, straight from the horse’s mouth.


Connect and Go Social

If you really can’t find a suitable writer at this point, why not go social with it? LinkedIn.com, for example, is a premier website that will help get the word out when it comes to Business-to-Customer or Business-to-Business marketing, as well as a wonderful opportunity for your brand to get recognized.

One good content writer and several other social media sites can create more buzz about your site than several dozen magazine ads. On LinkedIn, top-class content writers are brimming to the lid!


Guest Posting

Guest posting is something that comes in handy every now and then, so spread the word and call for guest posts. Usually, all the guest bloggers want in return is a link in the content, and another link or two in their bio. Some bloggers will earn for their submissions but for what it’s worth, you get good content at half the time it takes to find a long-term replacement for your content writer.


Editors Are a Treasure to Keep

If you’re running an eCommerce website or blog, hiring an editor is a great way to boost your return of investment. They not only ensure your readers’ needs; when they need to see it, they’ll also edit the work of your content writers, and can even replace them temporarily. Just make sure not to take advantage of the editor’s writing skills too often.


Look for Inspiration

The Internet is a vast and wonderful place to draw inspiration from. It’s filled with all kinds of information on just about every subject you could possibly imagine, and that includes you and your eCommerce endeavors.

If your content writer suddenly quits on you, there’s plenty of good material on the Internet to pursue and from which to draw ideas. However, don’t fall into the trap of copying content at liberty. Original content is still very crucial, even in desperate times.


Unleash the Writer in You

Have you ever tried writing your own content? If there’s anyone who knows what sort of content you want, it’s YOU.

You many not write the best content in the world, but it’s guaranteed not to be the worst, either. In fact, you may write better than some freelance writers out there, because no one knows what your readers want better than you. So give it a try!

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