WebHostingHub and FatCow Features: A Comparison

Choosing the best hosting service provider for your website may be confusing and tasking. This is because there are several options that you need to take into account. Almost every provider says that they are the best and are boasting their key features. Yet, the one the will give real value to your money is the provider that provide everything that you need, or even more. Among the top provider all over the world are FatCow and WebHostingHub. They feature the most significant tools that you can use in creating your website with strong online presence.

To start, WebHostingHub reviews says that the company’s twelve years of existence has created an excellent track record for the company. It has on its wing thousands of websites that it supports. Basically, the provider is tagged to be a solid service provider that most business and personal websites prefers it over the others. In fact, the company is boasting that when you subscribe to them, they can instantly create your website in just minutes after you have signup on any of their plan.

In addition, the company’s sole shared hosting plan provides an unlimited resources as well as common features that you may need in establishing your website. Among the top reasons why it is preferred by several numbers of companies is their option to choose between its two data centers. It is actually a common fact that your proximity to the data centers has an effect to your website;’ performance. Thus, by allowing the customers to choose a data center that is nearer to their location, they also enjoy higher efficiency from the company’s services.

What’s more amazing about this provider is that they offer subscription for only $3.99, WebHostingHub reviews says that this offer is already good especially for people who are looking for basic features. It should be noted however that the price is just an introductory price, the regular rate is $4.95. But still, this is a lot cheaper compare to the promotional and regular rates of the other providers.

It is always an issue in choosing a host provider if their platform is easy to use since there is website owners who has limited to no programming knowledge and background. The good thing is that this company offers tools that even those people with no programming background can understand.

Similar to other popular offers of other provider, on WebHostingHub review says that the company also offers unlimited features like unlimited FTP accounts, disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, and databases.

On the other hand, Fatcow Reviews says that the company attracts several clients because of its two web hosting plans. The first is its Original FatCow Plan that is offered for only $66 per year. It includes almost everything you need to in creating a highly functioning web page business or any other needs.

This first plan according to Fatcow review says include several features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, user friendly site creation tools, easy to install forums and blog pages, e-store builder powered byShopSite, Free Yahoo ad Google Ad credits and several others.

The second is the Mini Moo plan that allows you in starting your site with a few limitations like you only get 1 email account, a support from friendly technical staff, email forwarding, coming soon page, and email auto responders.

The providers control panel is very easy to use. It uses a custom built and online control panel that is extremely user friendly. In top of every page, you can find a menu bar which includes a number of options that is related to managing your website. One of which is the capability to add domain, mailbox creation, and website creation. Thus, whenever you click the create site button, you are given choices on how you wanted to do it.

Now, in cases that you own a website building software on your computer, all you need to do is just upload the finished website to FatCow then publish it online instantly. Yet, in cases you wanted a simpler method in building your site, then you can do this with this provider through a simple use of drag and drop method from the menu bar then drop it your desired place in the page.

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