Web Hosting Seekers Top Choices Revealed

Each day, new businesses are taking advantage of the greater reach and influence of the online community. The decision is made after knowing that there are money spent in the online community. In fact, for you to be able to succeed in creating a strong online presence, it is imperative that you get yourself a web hosting service. Among the top providers are iPage and Fatcow.

iPage reviews states that the provider is a Bronze winner in its industry for its inexpensive and comprehensive starter package. Its basic package includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This provides the business enough rooms to grow in cases that the business is expanding or serving several more customers. The plan also includes unlimited domain email accounts that ensure its professional look and seriousness in conducting business. Moreso, you also gain access to several shopping cart apps as well as other marketing tools that intends to attract significant number of traffic to the site and them move the capital with ease. For beginner and even the intermediate level user, this is highly recommended for you.

You might be amazed that almost all about this plan is unlimited. iPage reviews says that this is one of the best attribute of the provider since you really cannot predict the volume of your need unless the business is running already and you can see the trend of your customer’s response. One of the prime issue is the database storage which allows you to accommodate even huge volume of data without the need to change provider. This provider has unlimited databases that uses MySQL. The same is true with bandwidths, disk space, and email accounts.

Speaking of webmail, having an unlimited email service is fine. The good thing about this web hosting provider is that it comes with a very powerful email interface. Thus allowing your email or forward documents, setup auto responder, and also to filter spam. What’s best about this is that it also performs comprehensive virus scan on the incoming documents before it even reaches the inbox. This helps massively in securing the protection of the computer from any threats.

Among the highlights of their services is the provider’s site creation tool. It allows their subscriber to select from three easy to use site builders that helps them in building basic webpage or even complex one that has multiple pages.

Finally, this provider also has photo galleries and blog wizard setup that supports a number of content management systems, photo galleries, blogs, and even forum plugins like WordPress, GBook, Gallery 2 and Joomla. Moreso, in cases that you wanted to integrate multimedia files to your site, you can also do this since the provider supports Macromedia Shockwave, Real Audio and Video, Midi File, and Flash.

Meanwhile, Fatcow review says that the provider works well with Microsoft FrontPage. This is good for developers who wanted to use the software in creating a website. Yet, if you wanted to have a team of designers to build your website, then worry no more because the company offers an option for personal website design.

Now, if technical support is one of your primary concern, then you will be happy to know that the company offers several areas of customer support. For one customers may check out answers to common issues and problems on the FAQ page. Moreso, they also offer video tutorials to provide assistance to their customers who wanted to get more information or simply get the best out of the provider. If these options are still not enough, then you can always reach their customer support personnel via chat, toll free landlines, and email.

To further provide their customer better satisfaction, the company assures a fun, stress free, and easy experience to this customers. A company representative will be calling you within seven days after your subscription to welcome you to their company. Moreso, the company promises their clients that their support personnel can respond to your calls in less than 2 minutes. Their customer representatives are all based in North America. Thus, in cases that these personnel cannot resolve your issues immediately, they will be providing you a specific date as to when they will be resolving the issue. They just wanted to assure their customers that all these support personnel are trained and highly knowledgeable on serving their clients.

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