Web Design – The Top 10 Tips

Are you in the market for designing a web page and in need of some hints to help?  This guide with top 10 web design tips should help you get started.


If you think of this word it will help you keep a focus on producing a web page that is simple and focused on the main task, getting the readers and visitors to your web page.


You will need to pay particular attention to the placement of your important information on your web page.  You will need to be able to grab the reader’s attention when they first open your page. If the positioning of imagery or information is not visible, then the reader will move on to another site.


The inclusion of photos will enhance the impact of the site, whether they are product related or not. The need for photos will aid the impact of the sight to the viewers, making them remember you, standing out from the crowd.

Content placement

It is vital that you think about the placement of any content on your web site.  It needs to be visible to the readers and you will need to think about its visual impact that it has with drawing the reader into the page, making them stop and read.  Following and looking at the other examples that are available on the internet will help in focusing where you might place your own content.


The style of the web site will also have a huge impact on the potential readership.  If it is too bold with too many colours it could put off more readers than it attracts.

Social media

There is no getting away from social media and having thought about how you want to represent your web site on social media will help.  It is a source of new customers and visitors to your site; it could benefit you in the long run to think about it now.

Use a spell checker

If you want your web page to attract attention for the right reasons always make sure that you have checked your article before putting on the web site that it has been checked for spelling mistakes.

Dead links

Check your links to make sure they work, and remember to check them regularly.  Links that don’t work tend to put readers off and make them look elsewhere.


Don’t steal from another person – whether it is just words or whole content, unless they have said that you can. They will normally want a link or a mention as to where the content has come from.  Plagiarism is not something that you want to be accused of. It will give you and your website a bad reputation.

Include contact information

It can be so frustrating not to be able to quick and easily find out how to contact the owner of the site. It can sometimes feel that they have something to hide.  It is therefore so important to be contactable; make sure you have someone responsible to answer the emails quickly too.

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