How Users Think: Reminders to all Web Developers

For web developers to use the design principles properly, it is first recommended that the user preference is considered. Commonly, the browsing habit of users with websites is not different from their habit when visiting a physical store. Your visitor’s looks at each page, scan the text, and then click with the first link that catches their attention.

Majority of website visitors are looking for something useful or interesting. So as soon as they see something that they like, they will click on it. When nothing in the page meets any of their expectations, they will simply leave the site. The following are some pointers on how users think which you need to consider in your design project.

  • Users are after credibility and quality. If you website provides high quality content, your users will be willing to compromise for it with the design and advertisements of other sites. This is actually the reason behind the success of some not well-designed site but with high quality content. For your users, content is far more important than your design.


  • Users scans, not read. When users analyze pages, they usually look for fixed points or an anchor that will guide them to the entire content of your page.


  • Users require instant gratification and are impatient. This follow a simple principle that when your website does not meet the expectations of the user and they leave, then you as a designer failed with your job and your company loses a huge amount of money spent in the project. So when your site has a higher cognitive load, then it is less intuitive when it comes to navigation and the higher risk that that they will leave your page.


  • Users do not make the best choices. Users are not looking for the easiest way to find the things they are looking for. Neither do they scan every web page in a methodic fashion and goes one by one in each section. Instead, they go for the first best and reasonable option that will cross their way.


  • Users based their decision on intuition. Most of the time, users are muddling through the content instead of reading all the information that you have provided. This is because they don’t care and are simply after something that works. When you offer something that they need, then they’ll just go and buy it.


  • Users are after gaining full control. Users wanted to control their browsers and simply rely with the consistent presentation of data in the entire site. Say for example that they wanted to keep pop ups from their window and you offer one, be ready to be left behind.

Generally, it is strongly advised that you anticipate the needs and wants of your users before finalizing your web design. They will be the one to manipulate the website and you are after with their visit so it is best that you give them all of their demand. This is because a good web developer provides great navigating experience to their users while you earn from them in return.

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