Understanding Web Typography to Create Best Web Design

While web typography is the most undervalued aspect in web design, it is important to know that 95 percent of web design follows the principle of web typography. The list below presents a collection of reasons that will help you appreciate and understand web typography.

  • Creating Curly Quotes minus the Image. Curly Quotes are not your traditional characters. Commas, full stops, and hashes commonly float around inside a character space then leave a number of dull white space. Thus making it very hard to manipulate those using CSS. Styles usually fits with text so cutting with the character become tricky.
  • Composing with a Vertical Rhythm. The arrangement and spacing of text is called vertical rhythm in the world of web designers. When your reader goes down in your page, vertical rhythm helps in three different ways, line height, font size, and padding or margin. So it is important that you calculate these factors to maintain the rhythm in your page.
  • CSS as a Tool to for Advance Typography. Although the basic uses and descriptions of the CSS typography had been beaten to death, there are several other rich typographic abilities that CSS can offer. There are several CSS typography techniques that are not commonly used like reflections, handwriting, and typewriter text. These techniques can provide better output when used.
  • Resizable Underlines from Snook. Your objective in using this tool is to apply underlines within paragraph text especially if you wanted to highlight the content. This can be used without regards to text lengths and the paragraph. Although this can already be achieved using background images, it will be useless when you need to resize your text since it will break out from lines and the overall look becomes messy.
  • Font Sizing. You may use to believe that font sizing using CSS is very easy. Yet, when you try doing it, you’ll find that it is not. A number of developers use force to render font resizing. They commonly tinker the font size up until it looks right. Yet, they will later find out that when used with another browser, the result is a mess. So it is best that a full knowledge when it comes to font sizing is acquired when creating websites.
  • Creating Styled Blockquotes. Blockquotes usually have default styles. Majority of the browsers indent your text using blockquote tag. This helps your visitor in recognizing that your text is somewhat different. The good thing is that you can always style the blockquotes using CSS.
  • Creating Headings using HTML.  Your heading is your top element that describes you content and also defines the structure of your document. Just like the heading and subheading that you can see in newspapers, HTML headings needs to briefly describe the content or section of each page thus making it easier for the reader to know what’s in each section.

Consider the web typography aspects listed above and you will never get lost in your web design projects. While you are advised to explore it is still best that you know the basics and how you can use this for your advantage. There is a vast world that holds additional knowledge on how you will become one of the best web developer, you simply need to find them.

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