Top Ten Tools that Helps Web Designers

These top ten tools include popular tools like Drupal and WordPress which some web developers and web designers never consider to use especially those from Movable type and OpenProj. Yet, these are helpful every time that you are completing a project for a business, your portfolio, or even personal sites. Read the following and start using them.

  • AJAX Animator. This tool is used for graphics and animation. This is initially intended as your best alternative for Flash. AJAX Animator has then evolved and becomes a cross platform tool for animation that can handle SVGs GIFs, and SWFs. It is based with a browser although it also works even offline.
  • CSS Generator. This tool is a simple  drop down of ‘Choose Something’ that gives every web developer an effective way in generating and experimenting with codes of the CSS features like outlines, box radiuses, and gradients. It is user friendly and the outcome are great.
  • CSSed. This is an extendable and capable CSS editor that is exclusive created for Linux. It features highlighting of Syntax, auto completion, support with other languages, and syntax validation.
  • Aptana Studio. IDE or Integrated Development Environment of Aptana Studio provides a decent job of becoming all things to everyone. It helps web designers to author CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. It also informs you as to what browsers will balk with your ideas.
  •  Audacity. This tool helps you with music editing and recording of voiceovers. It also serves as an open source and a cross-platform editor. It works best with LAME MP3 encoder and the FFmpeg library.
  • ColorZilla. A tool for graphic works, Colorzilla provides a great selection of tools to your Firefox status bar. This will enable you to select pixel colors, create your palettes, and copy color codes to the other apps you are developing. This tool also gives you a CSS gradient generator plus an analyzer which will help your find the CSS rules that is responsible for the color of a specific page.
  • Colourlovers. This is partly design blog and partly design app. This tool offers a wide range of color palettes as well as patterns that will help you get an inspiration. Moreso, it comes with a browser based tools which can be used in sharing or designing your own creations. This comes in both RGB and hex colors.
  • Bluefish. This tool is one of those code editors that is intended to help in creating dynamic site. It has a multiplatform and supports CSS, SQL, XHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and a lot more. It can also help you recover your codes in cases a crash happen while it also provides unlimited number of redo and undo.
  • Cage. This tool ensures that mundane collaboration processes comes to an end by simply eliminating the email tennis. Moreso, you can feedback with your design using this tool by simply sharing and uploading your URL.
  • Browser Lab. This is from Adobe CS Live service which is still free and available using Dreamweaver. It is an add on for Firebug Firefox and an in-browser with IE and Safari users. It gives a cross browser testing capability and makes it easier to notice the differences of the layout as well as the other annoyances due to browser requirements.

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