Top Ten Suggested Android Apps this 2014

Android apps are highly useful since it provides information and entertainment even if you’re on the go. Although there are several apps that provides the same functionality, knowing the best among them will surely help you in getting what functions will. The list below of the top ten suggested android apps this 2014 will definitely give you an idea.


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This app lets you change the default lock screen with any of the several custom screens that you like. Among its supports include wallpapers that allows you to simply which among of them you want. You can choose from several lock screens that can be simple, informative, or animated.

Go Launcher


This app comes with the best support from several sources. It has better features compare to any other launcher, great widgets, and an aggressive team of developers.

London Journey


This is highly useful for people living in London, who wanted to know how to go around places through the help of their android device. This app also helps you in saving information of your past travels that includes tube map for better convenience.


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Although this may look like any other app. This is a very helpful app if you are travelling and wanted to find out places like a restaurant, hotel, etc.

File Expert

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This is considered the best among all the file managers that you can find for android. You can find everything that you will ever think of from a file manager in this app. In addition, you can even access your files from a remote source since you can share your file from this app.

Amazon AppStore

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This is your best option from Google Play Store. It has several free apps that you can try everyday along with some exclusive apps that only amazon offers.

ETA Text


This app has an excellent use on several occasions especially for people who are to meet someone in another place. Its best feature is that if the app thinks that you will be late from its original assumption, it will send a text message to the other person regarding its new time estimate.



Although its original version costs something, this app is free and its greatest feature is its capability for a two-way sync.

Go SMS Pro

go SMS pro

This is actually the best free and featured-pack app that is recommended to replace your present SMS app. Moreso, it is highly customizable and is offered with an excellent home screen widget.

GO Contact EX

go contact ex

Go provides a significant addition to its contact app. Now, is top feature include fast search for contacts and T9 dialing.

Thinking of which among the top ten suggested apps this 2014 you would like to get for your android apps? Then what are your waiting for? Get them now and enjoy its functionalities.



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