Top Ten Modern Style Web Fonts this 2014

As everything in the online community advances overtime, it is imperative that web designers uses that latest trends when it comes to web development. One of your best option when it comes to creating attractive and highly readable website is to use the modern style web fonts that catches attention or in some case, fonts that the modern web users are mostly familiar to. The lists below are ten of the modern style fonts that you should be prioritizing when creating website.


Especially if you are creating a website that will cater to products and interests of women, this font is highly recommended. Its chic, extremely modern, and of course free font.

ATC Krueger

This font package is composed of over 100 characters and includes numerals and the alphabets.

Celandas Plus

This font had been revised completely and it is even redrawn from its predecessor, the original Calendas. It even includes new accents and optical adjustments.


This font will transport you back to the where the neon lights as well as the marquee letter are decorated for cinema facades.

Ion B

This font comes with four top features. It Modular, LCD, Monospace, and display.


This typeface has a Victorian and ornamental looks.


This decorative and display font comes with bold, light, and regular weights to choose from.


A free typeface that is basically offered as bold italic. This was designed by French Toast. This font is best for bold and big headlines that requires minimal modern look.

Vast Shadow

This font has several top features that include geometric, display, wood type, shadowed, slab, serif, and Western.

Bitter Ht

This is an excellent serif typeface that had been developed and created by people from

Of course as a designer, you would not want to be left behind when it comes to developing websites that has all the needed features. You can integrate the modern web fonts listed above as part of the elements when developing a website. This will ensure that you will not alienate your visitors when browsing the site since you are using typefaces that they are mostly familiar.

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