Top 10 WordPress Typography Plugins

If you are new to blogging or just want some new ideas, then adding plugins are the way to go; they can quickly enhance your web page appearance making them more appealing to your readers.  They are relatively quick to add and the benefits will be instantly noticeable. If you want to enhance your WordPress blog then here are the top 10 plugins which you can use.

1. Easy Media Gallery

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This plugin will allow you to add photos or multimedia to your blog.  It is very popular and claims to be easy to use and install. The lite version is free and this gives you a chance to try the plugin before buying. This will give your blog a whole new look whenever you want.

2. SEO Plugin

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This plugin works for the blogger; it allows you to write articles or blog posts and checks that you are using the correct amount of SEO words to pull in the search engines to your blog.  It is free to use twice a month or you can chose to pay monthly for the service.

3. WordPress Prevent copy and Paste Plugin

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This plugin is a must if you want to protect your writing on the web.  It stops others being able to use your words as their own.

4. WP Google Fonts Plugin

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This plugin allows you to choose from multiple fonts to add the touch of personalisation to your blog, make it stand out from the rest.  It is also free.

5. Visual Editor Custom Buttons

visual editor custom buttons

This plugin allows you to add a touch of class to your WordPress page; it is used to add buttons to your page.  It has pre made buttons or you can make your own – the choice is yours.

6. In Text advertising

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If you need to advertise, what better way than embed adverts into your text as well; it will help with the income.

7. Take Control of WordPress Toolbar


What better way than being in control of your WordPress site than having what you want on your tool bar; you can delete things that you never use and add the options that are important to you.

8. Options framework

options framework

This plugin gives you control in creating option panels.  It means that some of the hard work has been done for you and you can concentrate on the easier side.

9. Readability Buttons

readability buttons

If you like to write and you want your reader to be able to read that with ease, then this plugin might be just what you are looking for.

10.  Hyphenator


Presentation is the key to a good blog or web page and if you have large unsightly gaps, it can make it look unprofessional.  By using this plugin it takes control of your white spaces making the writing look great.

There are thousands of different plugins that you can use and this is just a small selection of the best.

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